Zonle Doors has specialized in door manufacturing for 20years

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We are Zonle Doors
In China, the Liu surname is the earliest descendant of Liu Lei from Yao.
As of 2013, Liu has a population of nearly 70 million, accounting for 5.34% of the country's population, ranking fourth after Wang, Li and Zhang. In ancient China, the surname Liu established the Western Han, Later Han, and Southern Han regimes.
Hai in Chinese is the sea. The sea is the first bridge for mankind to the ocean. The role of sea areas for mankind is not only to provide a wealth of various available resources, it also plays an important role in regulating the water balance of the entire earth.

Run, in Chinese it’s the original meaning is rain falling, touching the ground. Such as diving into the sound night with the wind, moisturizing things finely. Run also has the meaning of benefiting and assets.
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Zonle Doors is a professional and one of the largest door manufacturer in China. We have been focusing on manufacturing steel door, fire door, wooden door for 20years. Our goal is to be a century-old enterprise, provide customers with more nice-price, customized, one-stop services, and create more value for customers.
Zonle Doors,
Carries the overwhelming spirit of Hai, Run, be a pioneer in Door Manufacturing industry. The faith remains unchanged.

Zonle Doors Company Vision:
Based on the industry, the goal is to become the leading enterprise in doors industry.

Zonle Doors Company Mission:
Provide a platform for those who are unwilling to be mediocre to change their destiny.

Zonle Doors Company Values:
Develop together and share success.

Zonle Doors,
Ushers the high morality of noble man, completes great cause for doors industry business.
Wish every partner and our common cause,under our joint cultivation,gain nourishment of nature,live endlessly!
I have a dream

Zonle Doors’ comrades, my dearest siblings:

Today I would like to tell you that despite today’s vast Door Manufacturing industry is full of competition and greedy atmosphere, Zonle Doors’ existence in the field also receives some skeptical voices, I still have a firm and sincere dream! This dream is deeply rooted in my mind, my bone marrow and my soul!

I dream that Zonle Doors will rise in the snobbish business world and be a distinguished company. She will become a respected company, engaged in safe security doors, fire door careers, spreading knowledge of safe and security, and providing people in the world with more safer building space environment! The pursuit of this dream carries the true value of my life!
I dream that one day, no businessman only manages for the pursuit of pecuniary benefit, and he also manages with an entrepreneurial heart, to pursue the truth, to explore the real meaning of life, and to make more people happy!

I have a dream today!
I have a dream that one day, in the mediocre business competition, I am still full of enthusiasm in chasing my dream, and will never be fallen to depression, slack, and mediocrity!
Today I have a dream! 
I dream that one day, Zonle Doors will still stand out in the door manufacturing industry. Yet she will be like the revolutionary Red Army, tramping over hills and dales, snow and water, and always keep austerity and fidelity.  
I have a dreamed that people will be out of the darkness and away from anxiety because of safe doors. Safe and security door, fire door providing people in the world with a peace and contentment living environment! This is my hope and my wish for Zonle Doors! With this wish, we can eliminate the complaints of the industry, and create a harmonious atmosphere. With this wish, we can discuss together, work together, and fight together to take off this noble cause! We are deeply convinced that one day, our products will become the industry's label and set the example for future generations! Even if our bodies will die, our soul, our spirit, and our creations shall live forever! The spark of life is thus even more gorgeous! This is the bloom of our life! The flower of life will be in full bloom!
Our Team
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Zonle Doors Guardian Declaration

Welcome to the heaven of heroes — Zonle Doors Industry Co., Ltd. We are here to achieve our own heroic era and revitalize our own life. At the same time, we also congratulate Zonle Doors for having we these heroes. For Zonle Doors, we are guardians, comrades-in-arms, and heroes of the era with like-mindedness who seek self-improvement and progress!


The value which Zonle Doors people pursue is that life is a process of struggle. The person who has a struggling life is walking dead; Life without struggle is nothing! The Zonle Doors people can do nothing but improve ourselves. We reject mediocrity and cowardice! Because Zonle Doors people are born to be heroes!

Heroes should have their own ambitions and dreams and pursue them faithfully and steadfastly. People who have no faith and no pursuit are pale, small, and poor. We are not miserable. We are heroes. We are the guardians of Zonle Doors. Zonle Doors is a ship in the sea of business. If we are brave sailors, then Zonle Doors is a ship that rides the wind and waves. The stage of life is molded by ourselves and Zonle Doors is created by us.
We believe that we are heroes. We believe that we are the true guardians of Zonle Doors. We will upgrade ourselves and accomplish ourselves in this warship! To fight together and move forward side by side!
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