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Water Proof Door

Zonle Doors developed HDF doors and WPC doors to meet the needs of moisture-proof, waterproof and termite-proof for countries and cities in coastal areas. Zonle Doors' WPC doors is a WPC doors but in wood grain, pure white, gray, can be painting or pvc film finished, which makes Zonle Doors' WPC doors combine the advantages of WPC doors and solid wood doors, but much more durable, can be used over 10years but not get old and bad. Zonle Water Proof Doors suitable for all kinds of applications, such as house, hotel, apartments, office building, hospital and school. Through the perfect lines and refined details, it brings a sense of luxury to the decoration and brings a sense of comfort and harmony to the family. The elegant and timeless performance of this product can represent a superior lifestyle and attitude of the user. Welcome to contact us.

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Zonle doors has been sold to over twenty countries and regions, include Asia, Middle East, South America, and Europe.
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