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Steel Fire Doors

Zonle Steel Fire Door passed the CE certificate, UL certificate, EN standard test, CCCF certification with fire resistant time 30mins, 60mins, 90mins, 120mins, doors after powder coating, can keep smooth surface for a long time, not easy to get rust and wear resistant, greatly reduce the possibility of door become old and bad. Zonle Steel Fire Door quality warranty service life 200,000circles, 3years. Zonle Steel Fire Door made by galvanized steel, the surface can painted with different pure colour of plastic powder, also can Wood grain transfer to be wooden grain design fire door. As a professional and the largest door manufacturer and supplier in China, we are not only manufacture doors but also supply projects’ solution. Zonle Steel Fire Door suitable for front entry doors, hotel room doors, exit doors and any other fire resistant demand application.

In today's residential and commercial markets, security and aesthetics are two important factors in choosing an entry Steel Door. Choose a leading manufacturer with superior craftsmanship and modern design concepts to bring to market a line of exterior security steel doors that are both strong and have a contemporary look.Steel Door Factory offers not only standard door designs, but also customization services to meet the individual needs of different customers who want the security, durability, and design of a Steel Door. Translated with DeepL.com (free version)
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Zonle doors has been sold to over twenty countries and regions, include Asia, Middle East, South America, and Europe.
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