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Panic Bar Device

Since 2011, we manufacture all kinds of Panic Bar, such as Exit Device, Push Bar, Emergency Exit Lock, Panic Exit Device, Panic Bar Lock, Crash Bar for Door, Fire Rated Door Lock, door lock and Trim Lock for Panic Bar. Zonle panic bar quality warranty 200,000cercles, 3years. Zonle’s panic bar production line is one of the largest and professional in China. Panic bar monthly capacity is 20,000pcs, can guarantee delivery on time and in time. Zonle Panic Bar passed the UL certification, CE certification, Chinese CCCF Fire certification, also pass the salt spray test more than 72hours. It can make with stainless steel 304 comes with brushed or gross surface finished, it also can make with steel comes with powder coating. We have classic American panic bar device, also have European market classic push rod lock panic device.  Welcome to contact us.

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Zonle doors has been sold to over twenty countries and regions, include Asia, Middle East, South America, and Europe.
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