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Door Closer

Zonle has over 10years manufacturing experienced of door closer. Jsaian door make with nice aluminium and iron material. Max load can be 20kg, 45kgs, 65kgs, 85kgs, 110kgs, 120kgs, 150kgs, 180kgs, 200kgs, 300kgs. Jsaian door closer including fire door closer, concealed door closer, light duty door closer, heavy duty door closer, door closer for ship, commercial door closer, UL door closer, CE door closer, anti-rust door closer, hydraulic patch door closer etc. Jsaian Door closer quality warranty 300,000cercles, 3years; 500,000cercles, 5years; 1million cercles 10years. Jsaian door closer passed the CE certification with 500,000cercles service life and fire resistant time 120mins, also past the UL standard test with 1million cercles. It suitable for all kinds of doors, such as wooden doors, steel doors, aluminium doors, wpc doors, glass doors and so on. Our monthly production capacity is 300,000pcs. OME and ODM are all acceptable. Welcome to contact us.

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