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Can Wooden Doors Be Equipped with Floor Springs? Installation Method of Floor Springs for Wooden Doors

In modern home decoration, the purchase and decoration of doors play a significant role. When it comes to wooden doors, they are highly sought after by consumers due to their various styles, materials, and advantages. Wooden doors are not only visually appealing but also environmentally friendly and provide good sound insulation. As a result, they have become the main choice for many homeowners.

However, when considering the safety and convenience of using wooden doors, it is essential to take into account the installation of floor springs. Floor springs can indeed be installed on wooden doors, although it may require some extra effort. It is crucial to ensure that the wooden door has a suitable floor spring model before proceeding with the installation. However, it is generally not recommended to install floor springs on wooden doors due to a few reasons.

Firstly, wood materials are susceptible to weather and other conditions. They can be affected by moisture, which increases the risk of rusting for the floor spring mechanism. This can lead to malfunction and a decrease in its lifespan. Secondly, ordinary wooden doors may not possess enough material strength to support the installation of a floor spring. If one desires to install a floor spring on wooden doors, it is necessary to customize the wooden door with a sturdy frame to ensure that the floor spring can withstand regular use.

Can Wooden Doors Be Equipped with Floor Springs? Installation Method of Floor Springs for Wooden Doors 1

If one decides to proceed with the installation, there are specific steps that should be followed. Firstly, one should draw a line to ensure that the rotation axis of the floor spring aligns with the rotation axis of the door clamp. Then, holes should be opened in the ground according to the provided instructions, ensuring that the size of the holes matches the floor spring's shell without any looseness. The floor spring should be placed into the opened hole and straightened. Next, the door leaf with the installed door clamp should be lifted, and the rotating shaft of the floor spring should be inserted into the rotating shaft hole of the door leaf.

To ensure proper functioning of the floor spring, it is essential to adjust the screws in three directions. This helps in keeping the door leaf vertical and aligning the up and down rotation axes. Additionally, adjustments should be made to control the closing speed. The accuracy of the installation of the floor spring greatly influences its service life. Quality defects to be aware of include oil leakage from the body and eccentricity of the ground shaft. If oil leakage occurs, it is typically due to sand holes during the casting process of the floor spring. On the other hand, the eccentricity of the ground axis can lead to the door body deviating from the door leaf line after installation. It is advisable to contact the manufacturer to replace the floor spring if such defects are found.

Over time, floor springs may experience wear and tear, resulting in reduced elasticity and oil leakage. This is especially true if the axis connection between the sky axis and the main shaft of the floor spring is not strictly perpendicular to the ground. The movement of the door leaf can generate torque on the floor spring and increase the wear between the main shaft and the bearing, leading to oil leakage and weakened elasticity. Therefore, it is important to regularly inspect and maintain floor springs to ensure their proper functionality.

To summarize, while wooden doors can be fitted with floor springs, it is generally not recommended due to the susceptibility of wood materials to weather conditions and moisture. However, if one decides to proceed with the installation, it is essential to select a suitable floor spring model and customize the wooden door with a strong frame to ensure durability. Following the proper installation process and regular maintenance can help maximize the lifespan of the floor springs.

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