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For the Standard Description of Wooden Door Installation, Pay Attention to Five Aspects

Expanding on the topic of wooden door installation, it is crucial to ensure that the process is done correctly to ensure proper functionality, durability, and aesthetic appeal. Installing wooden doors involves several aspects, including the door pocket, door leaf, hardware, and more. It is not as straightforward as many people may think. In this article, we will delve deeper into the wooden door installation standards, with a focus on the following five aspects:

1. Door Pocket Installation:

- The connection between the door pocket and the wall should be seamless, smooth, and flat. The accessories used for fixing must be fastened and locked securely.

For the Standard Description of Wooden Door Installation, Pay Attention to Five Aspects 1

- The diagonal measurements of the door pocket must be accurate and precise. For doors with a height of less than 2m, the diagonal error should be less than 1mm. For doors taller than 2m, the error should be within 1.5mm.

- After installing the door pocket, it must be straight horizontally and vertically. The perpendicularity can have an error of up to 2mm, and the horizontal flatness error should be within 1mm.

- The door cover and the wall should be firmly fixed with screws. If the door cover is wider than 20cm, fixed iron sheets should be added for additional support.

- The gap between the door pocket and the wall should be sealed with styrofoam. Apply the styrofoam evenly and remove any excess after it has dried.

2. Threading Installation:

- The sheathing line should be coated with glue and firmly fixed to the door pocket and wall. The interface between the sheathing line and the wall should be flat, smooth, and without any gaps.

- Fill the gap between the sheathing line and the wall with sealant.

- After installing the sheathing line on the same side, make sure it is on a horizontal plane.

- The bending error of the sheathing line should be within 1mm.

3. Door Leaf Installation:

- The door leaf should be straight and level with the door pocket.

- There should be no sound when opening and closing the door. The door should fit closely with the sealing strip when closed and should not move. It should open and close freely.

- The lower seam between the door and the door pocket should be 6mm, and the left and right upper seams should be 2mm. Ensure that all seam errors are controlled within 0.5mm.

4. Hardware:

- The door hinge should be straight and smooth, with the screws used for fixing hidden behind the hinge.

- The flat hinge should be slotted at the corresponding position of the door and door pocket. The size of the notch should match that of the hinge, with an error of no more than 0.5mm. There should be no gap after installation, and the hinge should open freely.

- The lock should be firmly fixed, with silent unlocking. The size of the notch should be parallel to the lock plate of the lock body.

- All installation accessories should be complete, and the fixing screws should be installed completely and straight. The door suction device and handle should be installed in the specified positions, with a firm installation and good functionality.

5. Appearance:

- The gap between the door pocket, door line, and the ground should be less than 3mm, and waterproof sealant should be used for stitching.

- After the entire door is installed, it should appear uniform without any protrusions or depressions. The door should open freely and have a good overall usability.

- The appearance of wooden doors should be free of scratches, concave areas, and paint falling off.

After understanding the wooden door installation standards mentioned above, if you are planning to install a wooden door in your home, it is crucial to pay attention to these five aspects. Proper installation will ensure that your wooden door functions well, lasts long, and enhances the overall aesthetic of your space.

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