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China TOP10 WPC Material and WPC Doors Factories(2024 Updated)

Wood-Plastic Composites (WPC) are materials made from wood fibers, eco-friendly mineral fillers, medical-grade polymer resins, and other additives, extruded and foamed at high temperatures. WPC combines the excellent properties of both wood and plastic, achieving a true wood-like effect. Although traditional wood has a long history as a building material, WPC is a relatively new material. WPC material Compared to traditional wood materials, WPC offers advantages such as resistance to corrosion, moisture, and insects, high dimensional stability, and no cracking or warping.


WPC materials exhibit the ease of forming of thermoplastics while also possessing secondary processing properties similar to wood, such as cutting, bonding, and finishing. Their resistance to insects, aging, low water absorption, and recyclability make them widely applicable in various fields. WPC is primarily used for outdoor decking but can also be applied in railings, fences, landscaping timber, cladding, wall panels, park benches, and building doors and windows.


WPC materials are widely used globally. The United States remains the largest and most mature market for WPC materials. However, with urbanization in the Asia-Pacific region, this area is expected to narrow the gap with the U.S. Additionally, as environmental awareness increases, the global WPC market is projected to grow at a rate of 11.4%, reaching approximately $12.5 billion by 2027.


China is one of the leading producers of WPC products worldwide. It is conservatively estimated that China's WPC new material production exceeded 2.5 million tons last year, ranking first globally and accounting for half of the world's WPC new material production. WPC is an eco-friendly material that is durable, insect-proof, and waterproof, serving as an alternative to natural wood and aligning with the national policy of "saving materials and replacing wood." As early as the "11th Five-Year Plan," WPC materials received significant attention, with over 60 projects receiving support from relevant ministries. WPC made its debut at the Beijing Olympics in 2008 and has since appeared frequently in major public events like the Shanghai World Expo and Guangzhou Asian Games, significantly boosting the development of the WPC industry in China. China has a long history of producing high-quality building materials, and the WPC industry is no exception. The most extensive application of WPC materials in China is in the building doors and windows industry, particularly in WPC doors.


One of the main advantages of Chinese WPC manufacturers is their ability to produce high-quality products at a lower cost, thanks to China's large-scale production capacity and low labor costs. If you plan to use WPC products in your home, choosing the most reliable WPC material factory is crucial. Therefore, this article explores the top ten most popular WPC material manufacturers in China to help narrow your search:


WPC China Manufacturers

1. Guangxi Zonle Doors Manufacture Co., Ltd

Zonle Doors is a professional manufacturer and supplier of WPC doors in China, specializing in WPC manufacturing for nearly 20 years. Zonle Doors has four production bases in Guangxi, Sichuan, Hubei, and Shandong, covering a total area of 900,000 square meters. With 60 WPC production lines and state-of-the-art production facilities, the company has an annual production capacity of over 50,000 tons. Zonle Doors is certified by ISO9001 quality management system, ISO14001 environmental management system, and has obtained the China Environmental Labeling Product Certification and national authority-certified anti-theft security door inspection reports.

 China TOP10 WPC Material and WPC Doors Factories(2024 Updated) 1

Zonle Doors' WPC products, made from recycled plastics and wood materials, offer excellent insect resistance, aging resistance, low water absorption, and recyclability. Zonle Doors focuses on WPC doors, making them more specialized in this product category compared to other manufacturers.

 China TOP10 WPC Material and WPC Doors Factories(2024 Updated) 2

For the door as a WPC product, Zonle Doors are more professional than other wood plastic material manufacturers, the professional performance is:

  • Zonle Doors' WPC doors have been awarded several product patents and design innovation awards, and have passed the SGS, BV and ISO9001 quality system certification.
  • Zonle Doors' WPC doors have been tested for strength and hardness. Zonle Doors wood-plastic doors were tested for strength and hardness by 6 adult males weighing close to 70kg and stood on the door.


Zonle Doors has an advantage over other WPC manufacturers in terms of door applications:

  •  Zonle Doors' application of wood-plastic materials are all focused on doors, so Zonle Doors has more time, energy and resources to do "research and development and innovation of wood-plastic doors", packaged wood-plastic door's unique value, reduce the production cost of wood-plastic doors, and provide consumers with the same price in the market, the highest "Cost-effective" products at the same price in the market!
  •  The company's staff is very familiar with the company's wood-plastic door products, understand the unique selling points of the product, can provide customers with professional selection advice and perfect automation solutions; at the same time, the company is also equipped with high-quality engineers and technicians.


Zonle Doors WPC product range as below :

  • WPC Door full form
  • Molded WPC Door
  • WPC Door Frame
  • WPC skirting board


Zonle Doors manufactures WPC doors made of wood-plastic composite materials, mainly including WPC Door full form and Molded WPC Doors.


  • WPC Door full form, also known as Hollow WPC door, Full WPC door, is extruded by extruder and has the advantages of waterproof, heat preservation, flame retardant, environmental protection, good stability, high strength, etc. The disadvantage is that the price is relatively high and the door width is limited. The disadvantage is that the price is relatively high, and the width of the door is limited. General processing methods have baking paint, and pvc film two kinds of technology, pvc film and PUR adhesive level paste.

China TOP10 WPC Material and WPC Doors Factories(2024 Updated) 3China TOP10 WPC Material and WPC Doors Factories(2024 Updated) 4


  • Molded WPC Doors, also known as WPC Skin Door, are made of two non-foaming resin panels with internal filler material glued and pressed. Flexible dimensions, panel wall thickness, internal filler can be freely matched. The door skin can be moulded with a strong sense of concavity and convexity, and the surface of the door skin has a high degree of hardness. Disadvantages because the glue is pressed and laminated, the overall stability is not as good as the whole extrusion moulding.

 China TOP10 WPC Material and WPC Doors Factories(2024 Updated) 5China TOP10 WPC Material and WPC Doors Factories(2024 Updated) 6

But these two kinds of WPC door have a series of advantages of wood-plastic composite materials, wood-plastic door corrosion resistance, resistance to deformation, waterproof, anti-insect, termite, green, can be done as indoor door or outdoor door, is the first choice for home, hotel, hospital, school project door!


Zonle Doors’ WPC Door Frame including WPC complete door frame set and adjustable WPC door frame.


  • WPC Complete Door Frame Set:Frame A, Arc Frame, Frame B, etc., characterized by good strength and ease of production and installation.

China TOP10 WPC Material and WPC Doors Factories(2024 Updated) 7

  • Adjustable WPC Door Frame:Composed of a main frame and an auxiliary frame, it adapts to different wall thicknesses by trimming the width of the auxiliary frame.

 China TOP10 WPC Material and WPC Doors Factories(2024 Updated) 8

The components of Zonle Doors' WPC skirting board are: top strip, bottom strip, back clip, inner corner, outer corner, left end cap, right end cap, and connector.

China TOP10 WPC Material and WPC Doors Factories(2024 Updated) 9

The WPC skirting board vantage is: corrosion-resistant, deformation-resistant, waterproof, moisture-proof, B1 fire-resistant, termite-resistant, eco-friendly, and formaldehyde-free!



Guangxi DASENLIN MUSU specializes in the import and export of WPC materials, WPC composite boards, and plastic products. The company is engaged in the research, production, processing, sales, and design of various WPC materials and products. Their production technology is internationally advanced, and their products meet international standards for environmental protection, water resistance, corrosion resistance, and long service life.


DASENLIN MUSU's WPC products, made from high-density polyethylene and wood fibers, have characteristics such as no rotting, no deformation, no cracking, waterproof, insect-proof, mold-proof, low maintenance, and recyclability. Their products include WPC decking, solid benches, outdoor wall panels, pergolas, and more, widely used in outdoor construction and landscaping.


3. Henan Xinxin Wood Plastic Door Co., Ltd

Henan Xinxin Wood Plastic Door specializes in the R&D, production, and sales of WPC products, plastic wood products, and stone plastic products. Since its establishment in 2008, the company has been dedicated to developing and producing WPC doors, WPC assembly doors, WPC furniture, WPC panels, and WPC building templates, with a complete and scientific quality management system.


Xinxin Wood Plastic Door mainly produces WPC assembly doors, furniture panels, building templates, and products in four major series: interior doors, furniture, eco-friendly WPC panels, and WPC building templates.



SHANGHAI BENBEN DOORS INDUSTRY specializes in the production and sales of doors and supporting products. With 40 million square meters of standardized production facilities and complete domestic WPC extrusion equipment, they have a daily production capacity of 1,000 sets and an annual production capacity of 100,000 sets of interior assembly doors, forming an industrialized, large-scale, and intelligent production system.


BENBEN DOORS INDUSTRY mainly focuses on interior doors, primarily using WPC materials. Interior doors come in heat transfer printing and paint series, with dozens of styles. Additionally, they offer a complete range of supporting solutions for ceiling panels, skirting boards, cabinet and wardrobe panels, window frames, and door frames.


5. Hebei Naili Wood Plastic Products Technology Co., Ltd

Established in 2012, Hebei Naili Wood Plastic Products Technology Co., Ltd has two production bases for wood powder and products, with an annual output of 30,000 tons of wood powder and a design production capacity of 10,000 tons of WPC profiles. Their major products include ecological wood and integrated wall panels, featuring the texture and feel of wood, waterproof, fire-resistant, pollution-resistant, recyclable, and eco-friendly with anti-aging properties, meeting national standards.


Hebei Naili Wood Plastic Products Technology Co., Ltd primarily provides R&D, production, and sales of WPC products, plastic wood products, and stone plastic products.


6. Shandong Shanxian Zhongyang Wood-Plastic Door Industry Co., Ltd

Zhongyang Wood-Plastic Door Industry is a technology private enterprise integrating WPC materials, WPC doors, product design, production, and sales. They introduce leading WPC door production technology from domestic and international sources, specializing in the R&D, production, and sales of WPC door composite materials and related technical consulting and services.


Zhongyang Wood-Plastic Door Industry produces fully WPC products that are eco-friendly, waterproof, flame retardant, and formaldehyde-free. Their products include semi-finished door frames, door lines, decorative panels, etc., recognized and used in both domestic and international markets.


7. Linyi Yuanli Wood and Plastic Products Co., Ltd

Linyi Yuanli Wood and Plastic Products Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer of WPC materials, integrating raw material R&D, product design, development, and sales.


The company offers over 100 types of WPC products, primarily producing decking, wall cladding, DIY boards, landscape boards (fences, railings, pergolas), and more, widely used in construction, interior and exterior decoration, landscaping, and outdoor decking, railings, and walkways.


8. Shandong Jiuzhihe Wood Plastic Material Co., Ltd

Shandong Jiuzhihe Wood Plastic Material Co., Ltd is a professional WPC manufacturer with high-quality products and one-stop service from R&D to after-sales.


Jiuzhihe's WPC products include WPC decking, WPC floor tiles, WPC wall cladding, composite fences, deck railings, composite pergolas, composite benches, and composite planters.


9. Hunan Zhuangjingyuan Wood Plastic Technology Co., Ltd

Hunan Zhuangjingyuan Wood Plastic Technology Co., Ltd is a professional WPC and bamboo plastic composite material manufacturer integrating R&D, production, and sales. With a production capacity of nearly 6,000 tons annually, they specialize in producing WPC and bamboo plastic composite materials.


Products include outdoor decking, PVC integrated wall panels, PVC edge trims and accessories, DIY decking tiles, railings, planters, leisure benches, and other outdoor and garden products suitable for balconies, walkways, steps, courtyards, and small garden decorations.


10. Jiangsu Shangmai Wood Plastic Material Co., Ltd

Jiangsu Shangmai Wood Plastic Material Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer of new eco-friendly WPC composite material products. With 8 years of experience, they have grown into a large enterprise and a key player in the WPC market with over 30 extrusion production lines and more than 40 employees.


They produce WPC decking, WPC wall cladding, WPC fences, WPC decking tiles, with a variety of colors and models available.


How to Choose WPC Product Suppliers?

From the introduction of the top ten most popular WPC material manufacturers in China, it is evident that each factory has its strengths and weaknesses. You can choose the right supplier based on your needs, considering product styles, colors, prices, quality, and quantities.


If your purchase volume is moderate or larger and you need high-cost performance products, companies like Zonle Doors are a good choice. Their product prices and services are currently more competitive in China.


All in all, if you are thinking of sourcing WPC products in China, this article can provide you with some suggestions, but you still need to get to know each supplier in order to have a better help for your choice!

Comparing WPC Doors and Wooden Doors: How to Make the Right Decision for Your House
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