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Construction and Materials of Steel Fire Doors

Steel fire doors are one type of fire doors, crucial components in the realm of architecture, directly impacting the fire safety of buildings through their design and material selection. During a fire, these doors play a vital role in isolation, safeguarding lives and property. This article delves into the construction and materials of steel fire doors to provide readers with a comprehensive understanding of this critical safety fixture.

 Construction and Materials of Steel Fire Doors 1

I. Structural Elements of Steel Fire Doors


Steel Fire Doors Door Leaf

The door leaf of a steel fire door is one of its primary structural elements. Typically, the door leaf is made from moderately thick steel plates known for their excellent heat resistance and fireproof properties. Special fire-resistant materials, such as rockwool and fire-resistant calcium silicate boards, are often used for filling the door leaf to enhance its fire resistance.


Steel Fire Doors Door Frame

The door frame acts as the support and fixed part of the door, primarily made from steel materials like galvanized steel or stainless steel. The stability and fire resistance of the door frame are crucial for the overall functionality of the fire door.


Fire Door Hardware

Fire door hardware is indispensable for a fire door and includes components like fire-resistant locks, hinges, closers, trim locks, push/pull handles, and dust strips. These hardware components are typically made from special steel that can withstand high temperatures and corrosion, ensuring they function properly during a fire and maintain the door's closed position, thus optimizing its fire resistance.


Sealing Materials for Steel Fire Doors

Sealing materials in a fire door are located between the door frame and the door leaf to ensure a tight seal. These materials are usually made of high-temperature resistant and wear-resistant silicon or rubber products, effectively preventing the penetration of flames, smoke, and harmful gases.


Fire-Resistant Glass Window

The material selection for the glass window in a fire door is a result of comprehensive consideration of fire resistance, high-temperature resistance, stability, and other factors. Only by choosing suitable materials and employing a reasonable construction approach can we ensure that the glass fire door performs optimally during a fire, guaranteeing the safety of lives and property.

 Construction and Materials of Steel Fire Doors 2

II. Material Selection for Steel Fire Doors


Steel Materials

Galvanized steel and stainless steel are the primary materials used in steel fire doors, known for their high strength, strong fire resistance, and resistance to deformation. These materials are extensively used in both the door frame and the door leaf, ensuring the stability and fire-resistant properties of the fire door. The thickness of the steel plate used in the door frame typically ranges from 1.2mm to 2.0mm, while for the door leaf, it usually ranges from 0.8mm to 1.5mm.


Fire-Resistant Filling Materials

Fire doors often use special fire-resistant filling materials within the door leaf, such as rockwool, fire-resistant core boards, or magnesia cement boards. These filling materials exhibit excellent fire resistance and effectively prevent the spread of flames during a fire.


Fire-Resistant Hardware Materials

The hardware components of a fire door are made from special steel that can withstand high temperatures and resist corrosion. This ensures that the hardware functions correctly during a fire, maintaining the door's closed position and optimizing its fire resistance.

 Construction and Materials of Steel Fire Doors 3

In conclusion, the construction and material selection of steel fire doors are of paramount importance. The door leaf, door frame, fire door hardware, and sealing materials are critical structural elements that together ensure the steel fire door performs optimally during a fire, safeguarding lives and property. The thoughtful selection of steel, fire-resistant filling materials, and fire-resistant hardware materials guarantees the overall fire resistance of the fire door.


By gaining an in-depth understanding of the construction and materials of steel fire doors, we can make better choices and use this crucial safety feature effectively, enhancing fire safety levels in buildings and creating a safer environment for our lives and work.


Construction and Materials of Steel Fire Doors

Construction and Materials of Steel Fire Doors

Construction and Materials of Steel Fire Doors

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