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Fire door project case of Datang Impression

Basic information of the project:

Time: 2016-2017

Location: China

Type: Plaza,Office Building, and High-rise residential building.

Project name: Fire door projects case of Datang Impression

Project Address: Donggouling Road,Xingning District,Nanning, Guangxi, China

Project introduction:

Datang Impression is located at No. 2 Hongqiao Road, Xingning District (next to the Medicinal Botanical Garden), proud of the new highland of urban value radiation in nanning Fengling North and East Railway Station Circle.
It is close to the East Railway Station, Jinqiao Bus Station, and the distance between Metro Line 5 (under construction) is hundreds of meters, and there are three horizontal and three vertical three-dimensional traffic road networks such as Xiangzhu Avenue, Cuizhu-Hongqiao Road, Ring Expressway, Kunlun Avenue, Changyao-Changhong Road, Minzu Avenue, etc., so that Datang Impression can easily connect to the major bustling urban areas in Nanning, and enjoy the convenience of travel.The project is adjacent to 3,000 acres of Guangxi Medicinal Botanical Garden, and there is a Nakaohe Wetland Park on the side, surrounded by Fengling Wetland Park, Fengling Children's Park, and Shishan Park, which is leisure and comfortable.

Fire door project case of Datang Impression 1  

Fire door project case of Datang Impression 2

Project Challenge and solution:

In this project, we supplied 5,430 fire doors of finished the size measurement, production, delivery, installation, and testing. The total amount of the project reached RMB1,629,000

Although this project consists of many difficulties, such as Due to the needs of the production process, resulting in high cost of raw materials, according to the actual investigation, the market price of wooden fire doors per square meter is about 380 yuan, the price of a set of double doors reaches more than 1,000 yuan, some manufacturers use merchants for interests, the use of shoddy charging, indiscriminate charging, will be unqualified or even most of the use of substandard products for installation;Some merchants use one-sided pursuit of aesthetic effects, increase the area of fireproof glass to improve the aesthetic permeability effect, resulting in fire doors can not meet the fire protection requirements.


Zonle in strict accordance with the design drawings for production, do not cut corners, do not take shoddy to reduce costs, Zonle sampling inspection according to the production process and drawings of the sample to seal samples, to achieve one-to-one correspondence, and eliminate the interference of human factors, Zonle according to the standard acceptance, to prevent the use of faults and performance deviations, before the product installation, strengthen the supervision mechanism, after the sampling inspection, Zonle is allowed to install, Zonle strict and serious review, the team has poor quality, combined with poor units, mercilessly give exposure, and increase the impact, Severe penalties are given.

Fire door project case of Datang Impression 3Fire door project case of Datang Impression 4Fire door project case of Datang Impression 5Fire door project case of Datang Impression 6 

Fire door project case of Datang Impression 7Fire door project case of Datang Impression 8 

Fire door project case of Datang Impression 9

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