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Entry door project case of Qinzhou Tianhe Mansion Project Phase I

Basic information of the project:

Project name: Entry door project case of Qinzhou Tianhe Mansion

Project Phase I

Time: 2018

Location: China

Type: self - living commodity house 

Project Address:No.100 Penglai Avenue,Qinzhou,Guangxi,China.

Project introduction:

Tianhe Mansion is located at No. 100, Penglai Avenue, Hedong New District, Qinzhou, and was built by Qinzhou Tianhe Real Estate Co.Ltd.

The residential area covers a total area of 74493.33 square meters, with a building area of 326799.It is a small high-rise building. The main family type is 86.8 m2 - 124.86 m2, 2 bedrooms - 3 bedrooms. A total of 2480 households.

There is one Grade I or above hospital within 3km of the straight line of the building. Qinzhou Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital (Penglai North Avenue) is 739m away from the building, which provides guarantee for medical needs.

There are 3 shopping malls within 3km around the property, including shopping centers such as World Trade Plaza. The commercial facilities are mature and can fully meet the daily shopping needs.

There are 25 bus stops within 1km of the surrounding straight line, only 282m away from the nearest Penglai Yongfu East Road Crossing Station. The surrounding public transportation is very convenient.

There are 98 kindergartens within 3km of the straight line5 primary schools and 2middle schools.

Entry door project case of Qinzhou Tianhe Mansion  Project Phase I 1

 Project Challenge and solution:

In this project, we supplied 2500 entry doors of a finished size measurement, production, delivery, installation, and testing. The total amount reached RMB 2,400,000

Entry door project case of Qinzhou Tianhe Mansion  Project Phase I 2


1.It took us three months to complete the production of 2500 doors according to the requirements of the real estate company for fire rated doors and the size of the doors.

2. Our products have been recognized by customers because of the exquisite design, excellent workmanship and excellent quality. The customer said that we will be their supplier for all future projects.

Entry door project case of Qinzhou Tianhe Mansion  Project Phase I 3

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