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Fire-Resistant Glass Doors: Construction and Materials

Fire-resistant glass doors are an integral part of fire safety measures in the construction industry, playing a crucial role in the event of a fire. They need to meet not only aesthetic and practical needs but also possess exceptional fire-resistant properties. This article will delve into the construction and materials of fire-resistant glass doors to provide readers with a comprehensive understanding of this essential safety feature.

 Fire-Resistant Glass Doors: Construction and Materials 1

I. Structural Elements


Fire-Resistant Glass Door Leaf

The fire-resistant glass door leaf is the core structural element of a fire-resistant glass door, and its material selection and manufacturing process directly influence the door's fire resistance. The fire door leaf is primarily made of fire-resistant glass, which typically includes toughened single-layer fire-resistant glass or laminated multi-layer fire-resistant glass. The choice of fire-resistant glass depends on the required fire rating, such as 30 minutes, 45 minutes, 60 minutes, 90 minutes, 120 minutes, etc. This type of fire-resistant glass has features like high-temperature resistance and prevents the spread of flames, playing a crucial role in fire safety.


Fire-Resistant Glass Door Frame

The door frame is the supporting structure of the fire-resistant glass door, mainly constructed from metal materials such as galvanized steel or stainless steel. The door frame needs to have good stability and fire-resistant properties to ensure the overall stability and fire resistance of the door.


Fire-Resistant Glass Door Sealing Materials

Sealing materials for fire doors are usually placed between the door frame and the door leaf to ensure an airtight seal. These materials are typically made of high-temperature-resistant and abrasion-resistant silicone or rubber products, effectively preventing the penetration of flames, smoke, and harmful gases.


Fire Door Hardware

Fire door hardware includes essential components like fire-resistant hinges, door closers, push/pull handles, fire locks, trim locks, double door coordinators, and dust strips. These hardware accessories ensure the proper functioning of the fire door during normal operation and maintain its fire resistance during a fire incident.

 Fire-Resistant Glass Doors: Construction and Materials 2

II.Design Styles of glass fire rated doors


The design styles of fire-resistant glass doors are diverse and can be chosen according to different needs and locations. Here are some common design styles of fire-resistant glass doors:


Single-Panel Fire-Resistant Glass Door:


This is the most basic design, a complete single-panel fire-resistant glass door. Different glass types and decorations can be chosen to meet the decoration needs.


Double-Panel Fire-Resistant Glass Door:


Two panels form a set of doors that can open inward or outward. Suitable for main entrances or places that require more space.


Fire-Resistant Glass Door with Window:


Small windows can be designed on the fire-resistant glass door to enhance decoration and visibility.


Special-Shaped Fire-Resistant Glass Door:


Different shapes of doors can be customized according to requirements, such as curved or fan-shaped, to meet specific decoration needs. However, the most common shape is rectangular, with common dimensions like 200600mm, 200700mm, 2001200mm, 2001500mm.


Transparent or Frosted Fire-Resistant Glass Door:


Choose transparent or frosted glass based on privacy needs. Frosted glass allows light transmission while maintaining privacy.


These design styles can be selected based on the requirements, style, and usage of the building. Fire-resistant glass doors emphasize both aesthetics and functionality in design, while ensuring fire resistance and safety.

 Fire-Resistant Glass Doors: Construction and Materials 3


III. Material Selection for Fire-Resistant Glass Door

Fire-Resistant Glass

The core material of a fire-resistant glass door is fire-resistant glass, which can be toughened single-layer fire-resistant glass or multi-layer laminated fire-resistant glass. It possesses excellent fire-resistant properties and can prevent the spread of flames within a specified time.


Door Frame Material

The door frame is typically made of metal materials such as galvanized steel or stainless steel to ensure stability and fire resistance.


Sealing Material

Sealing materials for fire doors should have high-temperature resistance and are usually made of high-temperature-resistant silicone or rubber.


Hardware Material

The hardware components of a fire door are usually made of metal materials that are resistant to deformation and high temperatures, ensuring they function properly during a fire.


The construction and material selection of fire-resistant glass doors are the result of considering multiple factors such as fire resistance, high-temperature resistance, and stability. Only by choosing the right materials and employing a rational construction can we ensure that fire-resistant glass doors perform optimally during a fire, protecting lives and property.Fire-resistant glass doors are typically applied in buildings that require good lighting conditions, such as commercial plazas, hotels, hospitals, and other public places.

Fire-Resistant Glass Doors: Construction and Materials 4



Fire-Resistant Glass Doors: Construction and Materials

Fire-Resistant Glass Doors: Construction and Materials

Fire-Resistant Glass Doors: Construction and Materials

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