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Fundamental Concepts and Functions of Fire Rated Doors

Fire Rated Doors refer to doors that can meet the requirements of fire stability, integrity and heat insulation in a certain period of time. It is located in the fire partition, evacuation stairwell, vertical shaft and so on with a certain fire resistance of fire divider. In addition to the role of ordinary doors, fire doors have the effect of preventing the spread of fire and smoke diffusion, which can prevent the spread of fire in a certain period of time and ensure the evacuation of personnel. The following aspects introduce the basic knowledge of fire doors, after reading these believe you will have a more comprehensive understanding of fire doors.

Fundamental Concepts and Functions of Fire Rated Doors 1

1 The location of the Fire Rated Doors

1Seal the evacuation stairs and walkways; Seal the elevator to the front room and the opening of the front room to the walkway


2Inspection doors of vertical pipeline Wells such as cable Wells, pipeline Wells, flue pipes and garbage lanes;


3Divide the fire zone and control the firewall and the door on the fire partition wall set up by the building area of the zone. When it is difficult to set up firewalls or fire doors, fire shutter doors should be used instead, and water curtain should be used for protection at the same time;


4Specification or design special requirements for fire prevention, smoke prevention partition door.


2 Types of Fire Rated Doors

2.1 Sort by material

Fire doors are generally divided into wood fire doors, steel fire doors, steel and wood dual-purpose fire doors according to the material.

2.1.1 fire rated wooden door

Door frames, door frames, door panels are made of refractory wood or refractory wood products. Compared with the steel fire door, the wood fire door has light weight, easy to open, and has good aesthetics and high cost.

 Fundamental Concepts and Functions of Fire Rated Doors 2

2.1.2 fire rated steel door

Using steel materials to make door frame, door frame and door panel. If the door is filled with material, it is filled with non-toxic and harmless fire insulation material for the human body, and the door with a certain fire resistance performance composed of fire hardware accessories. Steel fire doors have low cost, good fire performance, strong rigidity, inconvenient to open from layers, and poor appearance.

 Fundamental Concepts and Functions of Fire Rated Doors 3

2.1.3 Steel and wood fire rated doors

Double wood coated galvanized iron, combined with the advantages of steel and wood fire doors, superior fire performance, moderate weight, strong rigidity, strong aesthetics, moderate price, high cost performance.

 Fundamental Concepts and Functions of Fire Rated Doors 4


In addition to the above material classification, the fire door has stainless steel material, mainly used in humid environments such as kitchens; Glass material, mainly used for high perspective requirements of the environment.


2.2  Fire Rated Doors Sort by door leaf

2.2.1 single door

 Fundamental Concepts and Functions of Fire Rated Doors 5

2.2.2 one and a half door   

 Fundamental Concepts and Functions of Fire Rated Doors 6

2.2.3 double door

 Fundamental Concepts and Functions of Fire Rated Doors 7Fundamental Concepts and Functions of Fire Rated Doors 8


2.3 Fire Rated Doors Sort by on status

There are always closed fire doors and often open fire doors.

2.3.1 Always closed fire doors

Always closed fire doors are generally composed of fire door fans, door frames, door closers, sealing strips, etc. Double or multiple normally closed fire doors are also equipped with sequencers. Normally closed fire doors usually do not require electrical professionals to provide automatic control design, but there are also some special circumstances such as: the frequent group fire doors on the open channel, when some large construction parties have the management requirements such as prevention of capital should be designed by the electrical professional, as far as possible to reduce the security risks.

 Fundamental Concepts and Functions of Fire Rated Doors 9

2.3.2 Always open fire rated doors

In addition to all the accessories of the normally closed fire door, the fire door release switch must be added, and the automatic control design must be provided by the electrical profession. It is usually applied to evacuation channels with more people and logistics.

 Fundamental Concepts and Functions of Fire Rated Doors 10

2.4 Sort by the performance of fire resistance and heat insulation

Fire doors are classified into class A (heat insulation fire doors), class B (part of the heat insulation fire doors), class C (non-heat insulation fire doors), including class A fire doors and according to the fire insulation is divided into class A, class B, class C, different grades of fire doors fire resistance time is different, the current building is mainly used in class A fire doors.

2.4.1 class A fire door:

the fire resistance time is not less than 1.5 hours;

2.4.2 class B Fire Rated Doors

 the fire resistance time is not less than 1.0 hour;

2.4.3class C fire door:

The fire resistance time is not less than 0.5 hours.


3 The composition of Fire Rated Doors

Fire door is mainly composed of door, door frame, door skeleton, filling material, hinge, fire lock, door closer, sequencer, seal, fire glass, etc. Each structure has its functional effect, different types of fire door as usual open fire door and often closed fire door structure composition will be different.

Fundamental Concepts and Functions of Fire Rated Doors 11

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