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Galvanized steel door project case of Nanning Linfeng Yihao

Basic information of the project:

Project name: Galvanized steel door project case of Nanning Linfeng Yihao

Time: 2019

Location: China

Floor space150000

Type: Ordinary house

House type88~170

Project Address: No.28 Foziling Road, Qingxiu District, Nanning, Guangxi, China

Project introduction

Linfeng Yihao is located at No. 28 Foziling Road (the intersection of Foziling Road and Fenghuangling Road) in Qingxiu District, covering an area of about 150,000 square meters . It is adjacent to Jinju Road in the west and Fenghuangling Road in the east, with convenient and smooth surrounding roads.  The total construction area of the project is 900,000 square meters, and the commercial area is about 100,000 square meters, covering about 60,000 square meters of international life block and 40,000 square meters of life center with the theme of "Children's growth · Whole family exquisite Life".  Minmin Road primary school in the community has been opened, so that the owners no longer have to pick up their children.  There are about 6 thousand parking Spaces with a parking ratio of 1:1.5.  

Primary and secondary schools: Minzhu Road primary school, tian Tao experimental school, Nanning No. 2 Middle school Fengling campus  

Comprehensive shopping malls: Hangyang International, Mixc, Qingxiu Wanda Comprehensive shopping mall Galvanized steel door project case of Nanning Linfeng Yihao 1

Galvanized steel door project case of Nanning Linfeng Yihao 2

Hospitals: Autonomous Region Fengling Hospital, Nanning Fengling Hospital  

Parks: Fengling Children's Park, Fengling Wetland Park  

Linfeng Yihao guard Fengling North, high-speed rail door, is committed to creating Nanning are the heart of the asset model, the model of international block life, to pay tribute to the city's upstart scene skyrim mansion.  

Galvanized steel door project case of Nanning Linfeng Yihao 3Galvanized steel door project case of Nanning Linfeng Yihao 4

Door installation item

In this project, we supplied 3700 galvanized steel doors of a finished size measurement, production, delivery, galvanized steel doors installation, and testing. The total amount reached RMB 2,830,500.

The galvanized steel doors installation project has many difficulties, such as keyholes skew, doors scratched, the hinge is somewhat distorted and so on. But after many adjustments and supervision, the galvanized steel doors installation was finally completed on time.

Galvanized steel door project case of Nanning Linfeng Yihao 5

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