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Steel door project case of Nanning Kerui Jiangyun

Basic information of the project:

Project name: Steel door project case of Nanning Kerui Jiangyun

Time: 2019

Location: China

Floor space43506

Type: Ordinary house

House type79~142

Project Address: No.52 Keyuan Avenue, Xixiangtang District, Nanning, Guangxi, China

Project introduction

Kerui Jiangyun is located in the core location of the high-tech zone in the west of the city. It is adjacent to the Xinwei River in the southeast, Keyuan Avenue in the west, and Xiuxiang Avenue in Kuaihuan in the north. The park with the highest degree of aggregation and the most mature supporting facilities is also an important base for the development of high-tech in Guangxi.

Steel door project case of Nanning Kerui Jiangyun 1

Surrounding educational facilities: Kindergarten: Daling Star Art Kindergarten, Daling Kindergarten, Huagao Kindergarten, 9524 Army Kindergarten. Primary and secondary schools: Daling Primary School, Huagao Primary School, Gaoxin Primary School, Gaoxin No. 1 Primary School, Gaoxin No. 2 Primary School, Xinwei Middle School, City No. 35 Middle School, and City No. 20 Middle School.

General mall:Huacheng City Plaza, Xinwanyue Shopping Center, Nancheng Department Store (Keyuan Avenue Store), Ronghua Commercial Plaza, Guangxi Xiangshang Building, Shengbiao·Chendong Shopping Center

Hospital:The Second Affiliated Hospital of Guangxi Medical University, Guangxi Corps Hospital of the Chinese People's Armed Police Force, Xinwei Health Center, Xixiangtang District, Nanning City, Nanning High-tech Industrial Park Community Health Service Center, Guangxi University Hospital West Campus Outpatient Department, Armed Police Guangxi Corps Hospital -Emergency DepartmentSteel door project case of Nanning Kerui Jiangyun 2

Vegetable Market: Kede Comprehensive Farmers Market, Xincun Farmers Market (Keyuan West 10th Road), Gaoxin Farmers Market, Fresh Home (Kode Comprehensive Farmers Market Store), Xinwei New Vegetable Market


Schools: Middle School Affiliated to Guangxi University, Xinwei Primary School, Guangxi Business School, Guangxi Electric Power Vocational and Technical College, Guangxi International Business Vocational and Technical College, Nanning No. 35 Middle School

Parks: Mingyue Lake Park, Beitou Sports Park


Steel door project case of Nanning Kerui Jiangyun 3

Door installation item

In this project, we supplied 1760 steel doors, and finished size measurement, production, delivery, doors installation, and testing.

The steel doors installation project has many difficulties, such as installation period is short, door lock panel installation uneven, installation error in door opening direction. But after many adjustments and supervision, the steel doors installation was finally completed on time.

Steel door project case of Nanning Kerui Jiangyun 4

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