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Steel door project case of Nanning Logan Jiuyuwan

Basic information of the project:

Project name: Steel door project case of Nanning Logan Jiuyuwan

Time: 2021

Location: China

Floor space49272

Type: Ordinary house

House type79~143

Project Address: No.88 Keli Road, Xixiangtang District, Nanning, Guangxi, China

Project introduction

Logan Jiuyuwan is located by the Acacia Lake, No. 88, Keli Road, Xixiangtang District, Nanning City. The project covers an area of about 74 acres. There are 15 high-rise residential buildings planned. The layers ensure the lighting and ventilation of each building.

The style of the entire community is Mediterranean style, and the overall garden style is based on the park landscape design method to create "one ring, two axes and four gardens". The planning and design include an open-air swimming pool, a children's play area, a community ring track, and an outdoor sports field.

Steel door project case of Nanning Logan Jiuyuwan 1

The surrounding schools and living facilities of the project are complete, and it is separated from Xiangsi Lake all the way.

Transportation: Take bus No. 96, bus No. W5, etc. and get off at Luowen Xiangsihu West Road Station and go to the project 500 meters away

Steel door project case of Nanning Logan Jiuyuwan 2

Educational facilities: Xiangsihu School Bilingual Kindergarten, Gaoyi Kindergarten, Xiangsihu School, Guangxi Minda High School, Guangxi Minda Primary School, Nanning No. 8 Middle School, Xiangsi Hubei Road Primary School, City No. 20 High School, Gaoxin Primary School, No. 33 Middle School,

Commercial facilities: Xingyihui Plaza, Nancheng Department Store, Anji Wanda, RT-Mart, Greenland Music and City Commercial Mall;

Comprehensive shopping malls: Xiangsi Lake Farmers Market, Xixiangtang Market;

Hospitals: Acacia Lake Hospital, Guangxi University for Nationalities Hospital, Second Affiliated Hospital of Medical University, Xixiangtang Health Center.

Steel door project case of Nanning Logan Jiuyuwan 3

Door installation item

In this project, we supplied 1148 steel doors, and finished size measurement, production, delivery, doors installation, and testing.

The steel doors installation project has many difficulties, such as installation period is short, installation error in door opening direction. But after many adjustments and supervision, the steel doors installation was finally completed on time.

Steel door project case of Nanning Logan Jiuyuwan 4

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