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How to Fix a Bowed Garage Door

Garage doors are an essential part of many homes, providing security and convenience for homeowners. However, over time, certain issues can arise, such as bowing or warping of the door. To combat these problems, most garage door manufacturers recommend installing a strut, particularly for wooden doors wider than 12 feet or any door operated by a garage door opener.

Even doors under 12 feet wide can develop a bow in the top section due to various factors. Doors without openers lack a brace that prevents warping and swelling at the topmost part of the section. On the other hand, doors with openers often experience bowing in the center of the top section, caused by the pulling force exerted by the opener attachment. Thankfully, there is a simple solution: installing a garage door strut.

Garage door struts can be easily obtained at home-improvement centers. To ensure a proper fit, measure the width of your door with a tape measure and purchase a strut that is 1 inch shorter than the door width. For wooden doors, you will need four strut clips, while steel doors require two strut clips per stile. Stiles refer to the metal braces running from the top to the bottom of each door section.

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Before proceeding, make sure to unplug the power cord of your garage door opener if you have one. Activate the emergency disconnect rope on the door arm to separate the door from the opener. This precautionary step ensures safety during the installation process.

Using a socket wrench or a drill with a socket adapter, remove the screws or nuts securing the bottom of the top roller bracket on the top section of the garage door. Be careful not to remove the top securing screws or nuts as they are still necessary.

If you have a wooden door, place one end of the strut over the threaded end of the bracket's bolt, while a helper holds the other end. For steel doors, align the hole in the strut with the mounting hole for the bracket. By doing so, you position the top flange of the strut over the bottom edge of the top roller bracket.

Once aligned, secure the end of the strut to the bracket using the provided retaining screw or nut. Move to the opposite end and repeat the process.

Now, take a strut clip and attach it to the lower strut flange on each end. Use a drill with a socket bit and wood screws for wooden doors or self-drilling tap screws for steel doors to fix the strut clip to the door. This step ensures stability and proper attachment.

Next, move to the center of the strut and attach a strut clip to both the upper and lower flanges. If your door is bowing outward, request assistance from your helper to press inward on the door panel from the outside while you secure the center of the strut.

To further reinforce the door and strut, repeat the process of attaching strut clips to the door and strut at each door stile. This step ensures that the entire door is adequately supported and strengthened.

Finally, reattach the door to the garage door opener if you have one. This step is necessary to regain the convenience of automated garage door operation.

By following these simple steps and installing a garage door strut, you can address bowing and warping issues in your garage door. This small investment will enhance the structural integrity of your door and contribute to its longevity.

In conclusion, while many homeowners face problems like bowing or warping in their garage doors, solutions like installing a strut exist. By adhering to the recommendations of most garage door manufacturers, you can ensure that your wooden door wider than 12 feet or any door operated by a garage door opener is adequately reinforced. Investing in a garage door strut from a home-improvement center and following the installation process helps rectify bowing issues and prevents further damage. Protect the structural integrity of your garage door by implementing these simple steps and enjoy a secure and functional entrance to your home.

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