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Why Do You Want to Install the Steel Door?

How to Transform an Ugly Steel Door Into a Stylish Entryway

When faced with an ugly steel door, it can seem like a daunting task to try and disguise its unappealing appearance. However, with a little creativity and the right accessories, you can turn your door into a stylish entryway that will impress your guests. Kerry Beauchemin, a dealer in 20th-century furniture and lighting, shares his experience of transforming his own unsightly steel door into a stunning focal point.

The first step Beauchemin took was to replace the cracked transom with clear laminated security glass. By doing so, he was able to remove the window bars, allowing more light to come through and giving the entryway a more open and welcoming feel. This simple and affordable update made a significant difference in the overall appearance of the door.

Why Do You Want to Install the Steel Door? 1

Next, Beauchemin wanted to address the mismatched frame of the prehung steel door. Since he couldn't replace the door, he decided to apply wooden strips along the frame to help blend it with the surrounding elements. Using pine strips that fit snugly against the uneven adjacent bricks, he was able to create a seamless transition from the frame to the rest of the entryway. For a more historically accurate look, he suggests adding 1-inch-wide maple Split Rope Molding.

To break up the plain painted-steel surface of the door, which had been covered in graffiti, Beauchemin imagined decorative panels. He researched Victorian doors online and settled on a design featuring rectangular panels. Instead of using wood moldings, he opted for decorative metal moldings inspired by Tricarico Architecture and Design. Beauchemin purchased brass and aluminum moldings from the Elevator Cab Components catalog of Julius Blum & Co. After cutting them to size and mounting them on the door, he primed and painted them with a high-gloss Wine Red from Fine Paints of Europe.

The finishing touches on Beauchemin's door included polished Heritage house numbers on the left side of the frame, which were made to look old by removing the lacquer and brushing them red to match the door frame. He also replaced the old doorknob and mail slot cover with a traditional-looking doorknob with an oil-rubbed bronze finish and a matching letterbox plate.

After two months of hard work and attention to detail, Beauchemin's revamped steel door became a stunning focal point that impressed his neighbors. Many assumed the door was antique due to its authentic appearance and the lack of graffiti. The transformation turned an ugly steel door into a stylish entryway that perfectly complemented Beauchemin's 20th-century furniture and lighting shop.

In conclusion, transforming an ugly steel door requires some creative thinking and the right accessories. By replacing old or damaged elements, adding decorative panels, and choosing the right finishes, you can disguise your unsightly door and create a stylish entryway that will leave a lasting impression on anyone who walks through it. Don't be afraid to think outside the box and make your door a reflection of your personal style.

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