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American style steel door project case of Nanning Shengke City

Basic information of the project:

Project name:American style steel door project case of Nanning Sunac Lanyue Mansion

Time: 2020

Location: China

Floor space137333

Type: Ordinary houseOffice building

House type80~282

Project Address: No.1 Longyou Avenue , Liangqing District, Nanning, Guangxi, China

Project introduction

Located next to Nanning Museum and in the core of Wuxiang New Area, Shengke City project covers an area of about 209 mu, with a total construction area of about 750,000 square meters, which is the largest residential project in the core area. The project will plan to construct 28 residential buildings with neoclassical architectural style, including 4 super luxury super high-rise residences; At the same time, a 180-meter 5A super high-rise office building will be planned, and an aristocratic school and international bilingual kindergarten will be built in the community.  After the completion of the project, it will not only create a landscape business environment for the majority of owners, but also form the first urban complex in the core area of Five images, which integrates the three parts of high-end business office, senior noble education and noble residential community.

American style steel door project case of Nanning Shengke City 1

Project seeking domestic line design agency - Shenzhen city architectural design & research institute as the overall planning and design, the domestic well-known public garden PuBang company, Guangzhou garden co., LTD., fencing, landscape planning and construction by the entire construction group three houses in Guangxi company building construction, combination of brand enterprise, for the high quality escort caux project.

American style steel door project case of Nanning Shengke City 2

Shengke City to create "high-end living, quality life" as the design concept, the project planning includes a noble school and international bilingual kindergarten, quality education children worry. It has 28 residential buildings with neoclassical architectural style, including 4 luxury super-high-rise mansions. The bottom of the facade is dry hanging marble, the wall is made of brand-name external wall brick, and the top is decorated with high-end and fashionable skyline. With five-star construction quality and property service, a new era of high-end residential buildings in the city is created. Will also be planning 2 5 grade a office space, create a landscape business environment, formed to high-end business office, senior aristocratic education, noble residential community pattern of three major parts in the integration of planning, urban unprecedented high standard to build five as core is the first urban context, to provide high-end, fashion, comprehensive one-stop quality life.

American style steel door project case of Nanning Shengke City 3

Schools: Nanning 26th Middle School (Wuxiang Campus), Tiqiang Road Primary School, Tiqiang Road Middle School, Jinlong Primary School, Nanning Songxiang Road Primary School, Jidong Pilates Academy (Wuxiang Headquarters Building store)

Surrounding businesses: Guangxin Evergrande Shopping Center, Nanning Huiju Shopping Center, Yuanquanhui Business Square.


Door installation item

In this project, we supplied 3510 American style steel doors of a finished size measurement, production, delivery, American style steel doors installation, and testing.

The American style steel doors installation project has many difficulties, such as door lock panel installation uneven. Before the house is not handed over after installing the lock, the door is not locked when the wind blows the door, resulting in difficulties in entering and leaving, and the event of workers' destruction often occurs . And there is noise in hinge shaft rotation. But after many adjustments and supervision, the American style steel doors installation was finally completed on time.

American style steel door project case of Nanning Shengke City 4

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