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Entrance door project case of Liuzhou Sunshine- Lijing Bay

Basic information of the project:

Time: 2020-2021

Location: China

Type: High-rise residential building.

Project name:Wooden door projects case of Liuzhou Sunshine- Lijing Bay

Project Address: 12 Jiutoushan Road, Yufeng District, Liuzhou, Guangxi, China

Project introduction:

Sunshine City Regency 2.5.The main unit type is 95 square meters - 126 square meters 2 bedrooms - 3 bedrooms.Rough delivery.Community Kindergarten, Jila Primary School, Giethoorn Mountain Middle School, Liaoyuan Road Primary School, Guangxi University of Science and Technology School of Medicine, Guangxi Commercial School, Nancheng Department Store, Liaoyuan Vegetable Market, Baolian Minsheng Night Market, etc., Guangxi Brain Hospital, Liuzhou Workers' Hospital, Industry and Commerce, Agriculture, Transportation, Construction Bank, Longtan Park, Lotus Park, Baiyan Mountain Park, Yufeng Mountain Park, Jianpanshan Park Five Parks, about 2000 ㎡ (construction surface) Commercial, gym, 4:30 school, children's activity center.

Entrance door project case of Liuzhou Sunshine- Lijing Bay 1

Entrance door project case of Liuzhou Sunshine- Lijing Bay 2

Project Challenge and solution:

In 2020, Zonle attaches great importance to this project, so the leaders of all departments held an emergency meeting and put forward effective construction schemes.

In this project, we supplied 500 sets of wooden doors for a finished size measurement, production, delivery, installation, and testing. The total amount of the project reached 300,000 RMB.

There are two difficulties in the project, one is that there are special materials for surface treatment;Second, the construction period is unusually urgent, only 20 days from the time the order is placed to the delivery.


1. The system starts on the same day: Through the Zonle intelligent operation management system, the start of the same day of the single is automatically and accurately completed, and the accurate calculation requires the surface treatment special materials to arrive in 2 days to achieve seamless connection.

2. Seamless collaboration of special materials: Surface treatment materials are unconventional special materials, and the collaborative material suppliers "24-hour linkage uninterrupted production", "on-site follow-up", "air transportation", "special car connection", successfully achieve 2 days of seamless delivery.

3. Intelligent manufacturing production line to achieve special material orders 7 days product processing cycle: give full play to the precise advantages of Zonle Door Intelligent Manufacturing, use the automatic production line small batch + batch production line large batch parallel, to achieve small batch 6 days into the warehouse, large batch 7 days into the warehouse.

Entrance door project case of Liuzhou Sunshine- Lijing Bay 3Entrance door project case of Liuzhou Sunshine- Lijing Bay 4Entrance door project case of Liuzhou Sunshine- Lijing Bay 5

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