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Xiamen Longhu Huan Jimei Lake phase III Project (2020/06)

Basic information of the project

On June 15, 2020, Zonle Group received an order for steel doors from Long Ho Group - Xiamen Longhu Huan Jimei Lake Phase III, an order of 880 sets of steel doors, required to complete the work. within 20 days, Zonle after reviewing and evaluating has received this order.


Project difficulties

1. Steel door materials need to be surface treated

2. The processing time is urgent, from signing the contract to delivery, installation is only 20 days


Project solution plan

1. Automatic processing system

Through the automatic operation management system, carefully calculate the surface treatment of steel doors within 02 days from inputting raw materials to completing packaging.

2. Quickly import ingredients

Request the supplier of raw materials to continuously supply within 24 hours, import goods, transfer goods to the warehouse, mobilize 3 processing units to take turns processing, non-stop production to complete the schedule within 12 days.

3. Automatic production system

Thanks to the automatic production system, Zonle completed the order processing, July 4, 2020 Zonle delivered 01 day before the deadline

4. Fast shipping

Zonle divided the order into two batches, within 02 days it was delivered to the construction site

5. Concentrate on construction

Arrange 02 construction teams to install steel doors at the construction site, quickly completing the work. Because Zonle completed 01 early, it has received high appreciation and bonus from the owner

In this project, Zonle has granted items such as: exterior steel entrance doors, interior single leaf metal doors, single leaf metal steel front doors,double leaf action metal front doors, hot transfer wood grain steel door, imitation copper colour steel door, apartment room security door, steel double doors with glass window and transom, 30mins, 60mins, 90mins steel fire doors, 30mins, 60mins, wooden fire proof door, single fire door, double fire door, transfer wooden grain metal steel fire doors, stainless steel door, s/s304 glass doors. Doors are all matching door hardware, such door locks, ss lever handles, aluminium heavy duty door closer, concealed door closer, concealed door hinges, 180degree door hinges, Peephole, Double door sequencer, panic bar device and so on.


On July 4, 2020, Zonle Door successfully completed the project delivery with the limit delivery cycle of 19 days, completed the work task one day ahead of schedule, and received the praise of  Longhu real estate


Project progress:

Scheduling system: June 15, 2020 received orders for 1 days

Importing materials: June 18, 2020 received orders for 3 days

First batch of warehousing: June 21, 2020 received orders for 5 days

2nd batch of warehouse entry: June 22, 2020 received orders for 07 days

Entering the warehouse for the third phase: June 24, 2020 received orders for 09 days

Complete orders: July 4, 2020 receive orders for 19 days


Project picture

Xiamen Longhu Huan Jimei Lake phase III Project (2020/06) 1
Xiamen Longhu Huan Jimei Lake phase III Project (2020/06) 2
Xiamen Longhu Huan Jimei Lake phase III Project (2020/06) 3

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