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Steel Front Door Project Case of Vanke Shenzhen Boyu Apartment Project Case (2018-2019)

Basic information of the project

The "Shenzhen Wancun Reconstruction Plan" is a long-term rental apartment project launched by Vanke in response to the government's call. The self-built houses in the scattered and disorderly styled fishing villages will be transformed into neat and unified boutique rental apartments, and about 80,000 houses will be renovated in total.

The renovation projects are scattered, covering different areas of Shenzhen, involving more than 200 projects and more than 1,200 buildings. The number of product requirements for a single building's entrance doors varies from 6 to 200, and the distribution is extremely uneven.

Due to the complexity of the renovation project, the early construction progress was slow. From April to November 2018, only 6073 security doors were completed, 16,000 to be delivered in December 2018, and 39,000 to be delivered in 2019. The delivery pressure is very high, almost no It might be done. After repeated discussions and consultations with Wanxian, Zunle Door Industry established the Wancun Project Operation and Dispatch Command Center, combined with the comprehensive operating advantages of Zunle Door Industry, fully opened up the entire chain of raw material supply chain, production, logistics and transportation, and on-site construction, forming the highest priority. Chain response plan.


Project difficulties

1. Projects are scattered, all over different areas of Shenzhen. Involving more than 200 projects, more than 1,200 buildings, the number of product requirements for single-building entrance front doors varies from 6 to 200sets, and the distribution is extremely uneven.

2. Door opening size is not uniform.

3. Simple construction equipment, and the transportation road is narrow.

4. Multi-project construction and installation at the same time, centralized time dilivery, quantity is large and the construction period is tight.


Project solution

1. Product standardization, standardization of project construction and installation.

On the basis of the advantages of Vanke's refined management, we cooperated with Vanke to standardize the security door products and construction sites in Wancun, refine the schedule and time nodes, and lay the conditions for the whole chain response plan.

2. Intelligent operation management system one-stop scheduling production order.

Through the Zonle intelligent operation management system, the production plan of the Wancun project is introduced to realize the automatic and precise decomposition of order pre-fabrication, raw material procurement preparation, production plan and logistics planning system, and realize the efficient operation closed loop of cyclic material preparation, cyclic production and cyclic logistics.

3. 7-day product processing cycle of intelligent manufacturing line

Zonle Door Industry gives full play to the advantages of intelligent manufacturing, special-line production, intelligent system cyclic ordering, and realizes the shortest door production cycle of 7 days.

4. Efficient coordination of three-stage logistics and transportation

The construction equipment of each renovation project is simple, the transportation road is narrow, the vertical transportation is not smooth, and the traditional transportation mode is restricted. After repeated demonstrations by the company’s logistics center, the Shenzhen Boyu project warehouse was set up and a professional logistics team was stationed. The three-stage transportation mode was determined by The logistics system is highly coordinated to realize efficient logistics transportation. It has successively invested 162 vehicles, 938 vehicles of trolley diversion, and 58 logistics personnel.

5. Grid management of construction resources

Precisely design the construction process flow, divide the construction resources for grid management, seamlessly connect the vertical process chain, and the responsibility is to the person, the daily report, the daily correction, and the efficient completion of multiple projects at the same time, and the multi-processes are crossed and advanced to ensure Construction progress on the project site.

6. Intelligent and efficient cross region dispatching of dispatching command center

Zonle Door Industry uses a data decision-making system to accurately calculate the personnel and cross-regional resources that should be invested in each link. The command center phased and cross-regional dispatched 186 people into the Wancun project operation, and successively invested 12 business teams and 28 project management teams. There are 326 on-site installation and construction teams and a mobile auxiliary installation team. The maximum number of people for a single simultaneous construction is 392.


In December 2018, it achieved the highest monthly supply and completed the installation of 16,620sets steel front door; in 2019, the delivery of 39,605set steel front doors was completed as planned, 100% of the delivery and installation completed, and the task was overfulfilled.

It has been highly recognized by Vanke and awarded the honorary title of "Excellent Supplier of Wancun Reconstruction Project" by Vanke Group.


Review on the progress of  Steel Front door project of Shenzhen Boyu

April 2018 ~ November 2018:  6073sets steel front door

December 2018: 16620sets steel front door

January 2019 ~ December 2019: 39605sets steel front door 

Total: 62298 sets steel front door


Project picture

Steel Front Door  Project Case of Vanke Shenzhen  Boyu Apartment Project Case (2018-2019) 1
Steel Front Door  Project Case of Vanke Shenzhen  Boyu Apartment Project Case (2018-2019) 2
Steel Front Door  Project Case of Vanke Shenzhen  Boyu Apartment Project Case (2018-2019) 3

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