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Bulletproof steel door project case of Nanning Sheng Tian Dongjun

Basic information of the project:

Project name: Bulletproof steel door project case of Nanning Sheng Tian Dongjun

Time: 2020

Location: China

Floor space242000

Type: Ordinary houseVilla

House type68~300

Project Address: No.58 Kunlun Avenue , Xingning District, Nanning, Guangxi, China

Project introduction

Shengtian Dongjun is located in Kunlun Avenue, Xingning District, Nanning city, next to 3030 mu medicinal plant garden.  The project covers an area of 363 mu, with a total construction area of about 1.13 million square meters.  The main project of Shengtian Dongjun is "one city leading the health area for ten years". The project includes 10 supporting facilities, including villas for nourishing students, upper mansion, Shengtian Dongjun of 100,000 square meters, luxury health museum of 5000 square meters, Hongqiao Primary School of Nanning, three kindergartens of district direct organs, EMBA base of Peking University, medicinal botanical garden of 3030 mu, Zhupai Chong Leisure park and hotel property management. Create exclusive living space for you.  At present, Shengtian Dongjun has been mature and realized. Three educational supporting facilities, namely EMBA base of Peking University, Hongqiao Primary School of Nanning city and Dongjun Branch of no.3 Kindergarten of district direct organs, have been put into use and officially opened. The Shengtian Dongjun store of Beijing Hualian flagship store has also been opened. Shengtian Dongjun in the planning and design, to create the city green sea, ecological slope gardens, health clubs, very imaginative modern mansions, will bring you unlimited imagination.  The overall planning of the project is designed by Hong Kong Lui Yuanxiang Architecture Company, one of the three major architectural design institutions in Asia. The club employs the United States Daqmiller Oman design club; The project also hired Kaida Global for the product design of Shengtian Dongjun in plot A.   Shengtian Dongjun will create a city with Shengtian quality and bring you an international cutting-edge lifestyle  

Bulletproof steel door project case of Nanning Sheng Tian Dongjun 1

As a villa group in Shengtian Dongjun , Shengtian Land has launched villa products for the first time. Villa products are designed with the concept of private club villa. Besides the living function, it is also a place for communication, work and gathering, which can exist in the form of club house: Reception, business office, as a personal collection room or exhibition, is a kind of residence with party and communication as the core, but also emphasizes privacy and exclusivity, creating an excellent platform for owners to negotiate business. This is a bold attempt of Shengtian Land, and it is in line with international standards.  For Nanning people in Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai and other first-tier cities have been popular villa lifestyle.  

Bulletproof steel door project case of Nanning Sheng Tian Dongjun 2

Bulletproof steel door project case of Nanning Sheng Tian Dongjun 3

Door installation item

In this project, we supplied 3546 doors of a finished size measurement, production, delivery, bulletproof steel doors installation, and testing. The total amount reached RMB 2,482,000.

The bulletproof steel doors installation project has many difficulties, such as door lock panel installation uneven, door suction installation position skewed.And there is noise in hinge shaft rotation. But after many adjustments and supervision, the bulletproof steel doors installation was finally completed on time.

Bulletproof steel door project case of Nanning Sheng Tian Dongjun 4

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