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Classification and Types of Fire Rated Proof Doors

Fire Rated Proof Doors are crucial fire safety installations in buildings. Their role is to prevent the spread of fire when a fire occurs, ensuring the safety of lives and property. Depending on the material, structure, standards, and fire resistance of fire doors, they can be categorized into different types. The following will introduce the classification and types of fire doors.


I. Classification by Material


Steel Fire Rated Proof Doors: Made primarily of steel, these doors have high fire resistance and strength. They are commonly used in commercial and industrial buildings.

 Classification and Types of Fire Rated Proof Doors 1

Wooden Fire Rated Proof Doors: Made mainly of wood, these doors have a certain level of fire resistance and an aesthetically pleasing appearance. They are often used in residential and office spaces.

 Classification and Types of Fire Rated Proof Doors 2

Glass Fire Rated Proof Doors: These doors incorporate fire-resistant materials into glass products, allowing them to prevent the spread of flames for a specified period. They are used in areas where visual transparency is needed, such as malls and hotels.

 Classification and Types of Fire Rated Proof Doors 3

II. Classification by Structure


Single-Leaf Fire Doors: The most common type, consisting of a single door leaf, suitable for average-sized door openings.


Double-Leaf Fire Doors: Consisting of two door leaves, suitable for door openings wider than 1400mm.


Wooden Fire Doors with Fire-Resistant Glass Windows: A specific type combining wooden materials with the fire-resistant properties of glass. It offers a view of the situation behind the door.


Steel Fire Doors with Fire-Resistant Glass Windows: Another specific type combining steel materials with the fire-resistant properties of glass. It also provides a view of the situation behind the door.


Fire-Rated Glass Doors: Composed of steel and fire-resistant glass, available in various configurations including single-layer or multi-layer composite fire-resistant glass.

 Classification and Types of Fire Rated Proof Doors 4

III. Classification by Fire Rating


Fire Rated Proof Doors are classified based on their ability to resist flames and high temperatures. Common fire ratings include 30 minutes, 60 minutes, 90 minutes, and 120 minutes.


IV. Classification Fire Rated Proof Doors by Different National Standards


The following are 20 internationally recognized fire door standards from various countries and regions:



UL 10B (USA)

UL 10C (USA)

EN 1634 (EU)

BS 476 (UK)

AS 1905.1 (Australia)

GB 12955 (China)

CAN/ULC-S104 (Canada)

JIS A 2112 (Japan)

KS F 2801 (South Korea)

NBR 11742 (Brazil)

SANS 1253 (South Africa)

NZS 4520 (New Zealand)

IRAM 11930 (Argentina)

DIN 4102 (Germany)

UNI 9723 (Italy)

IS 3614 (India)

NSAI IS 3614 (Ireland)

GOST R 53307 (Russia)

NEN 6069 (Netherlands)

IRAM 11-52.11 (Argentina)

 Classification and Types of Fire Rated Proof Doors 5

V. Classification by Application


Commercial Fire Rated Doors: Used in commercial spaces like malls, hotels, and offices, they prioritize aesthetics, durability, and fire resistance.


Industrial Fire Rated Doors: Commonly used in industrial buildings such as factories and warehouses, they prioritize high fire resistance and strong impact resistance.


Residential Fire Rated Doors: Chosen for residential buildings, focusing on aesthetics that blend with interior decor while ensuring safety for household members.


Special Building Soundproof Fire Rated Doors: Used in special buildings with high soundproofing requirements, combining soundproofing capabilities with fire safety standards, such as STC  soundproof front entry fire doors.


In summary, Fire Rated Doors can be classified into various types based on material, structure, fire rating, standards, and application. Choosing the appropriate type of fire door based on specific requirements and fire safety standards for a given location ensures the optimal fire resistance effect during a fire, safeguarding lives and property.

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