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Fire door project case of Nanning Evergrande Royal View

Basic information of the project:

Project name: Fire door project case of Nanning Evergrande Royal View

Time: 2020

Location: China

Floor space44633

Type: Ordinary house

House type78~125

Project Address: No.18 Yudong Avenue Liangqing District, Nanning, Guangxi, China

Project introduction

Nanning Evergrande Royal View is another masterpiece of the world's top 500 Evergrande Real Estate Group, which is deeply cultivated in Nanning, and strives to create a new benchmark for lake residences in the Wuxiang Lake plate in Wuxiang New District. The project is located in the administrative core section of Wuxiang New District, which is a key municipal construction, with complete municipal facilities. It is adjacent to Wuxiang Lake Park and Wuxiangling Forest Park, with convenient transportation. Next to the Metro Line 2, there is a "three vertical and three horizontal" road network with regional facilities. It is mature, with many famous schools and rich medical resources.

Fire door project case of Nanning Evergrande Royal View 1

The project covers a total area of  66.95 mu, with a total construction area of 240,000 square meters. 30,000 square meters of gardens, Shuanghu waterscape, 1,300 square meters of central lake area; 17,000 square meters of European style commercial street, with 1,000 square meters of community supermarkets, specialty snacks, community banks, brand pharmacies and other rich formats; 1,000 square meters of platinum five-star clubs, including Heated swimming pool, fitness hall, table tennis room, billiard room, etc. Evergrande Royal View adheres to the concept of Evergrande Real Estate's boutique, 9A with decoration quality, national first-class golden property, and adopts European neoclassical architectural style

Fire door project case of Nanning Evergrande Royal View 2

Project Benefits:

Traffic advantages: the west side is Yinhai Avenue, the south side is Yudong Avenue, and the east side is Yuxiang Road. Next to Jinxiang Station of Metro Line 2, you can quickly transfer to Metro Lines 3 and 4. The "three vertical and three horizontal" road network facilitates access to Qingxiu Mountain, the ASEAN Business District and the Xianhu area, leading to the entire city. Adjacent to the second expressway of the airport, you can quickly reach the airport and extend eastward to the outer ring expressway of Nanning City.

Regional advantages: Nanning Evergrande Royal View Project is located in the administrative core hinterland of the Wuxiang Lake plate in Wuxiang New District. With the completion of a large number of major projects, the formation of the "three vertical and three horizontal" backbone road network, and the gradual improvement of the surrounding infrastructure, the Wuxiang New District, especially the Wuxiang Lake plate, will become a high-quality and high-end residence in the future. , commercial, tourism and leisure integrated residential area. Evergrande Yujing has ingeniously built a benchmark for Nanning Lake Residence, adding vitality to the development of Wuxiang New District.

Schools: Xiutian Primary School (Wuxiang Campus), Hengyang Road Primary School (Wuxiang Campus), Yudong Primary School, Nanning Wuxiang Primary School, Dashatian Primary School in Liangqing District; Nanning No. 3 Middle School (Wuxiang Campus), No. 26 Middle School (Wuxiang Campus), Yinghua School, Wuxianghu Junior High School, Liangqing District, Nanning City

Comprehensive facilities: Dashatian Comprehensive Market, Likelong Supermarket (Yinhai Store), Jufulong Supermarket, Nancheng Department Store (Liangqing Store) and other shopping malls.

Hospitals: Guangxi Yudong Hospital, Nanning Dashatian Hospital, Dashatian Branch of Nanning Second Hospital, ASEAN International Stomatological Hospital, Wuxiang New District Hospital Affiliated to Guangxi Medical University

 Fire door project case of Nanning Evergrande Royal View 3

Door installation item

In this project, we supplied 1356 fire doors of a finished size measurement, production, delivery, doors installation, and testing.

The fire doors installation project has many difficulties, such as installation period is short, door lock panel installation uneven, door architrave and wall have cracks and the size of the door opening is not enough reserved. But after many adjustments and supervision, the fire doors installation was finally completed on time.

Fire door project case of Nanning Evergrande Royal View 4

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