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Big Brother: Veterans Have Control

Patrick Gomez wrote an article for people.com discussing the latest episode of Big Brother. In this episode, the Veterans once again held the Head of Household power, leaving the Newbies scrambling to avoid being nominated. However, tensions rose within the Newbies when it was revealed that two of their own had "flipped" and voted to evict Keith instead of Porsche. Although no one confessed, Adam became the prime suspect. Kalia, who appeared guilty after the eviction, was also a likely choice for the second vote.

The drama escalated when Rachel sparked a pointless feud with Cassi, attempting to establish herself as the "hottest" housemate. Despite the fact that Jordan and Porsche were also contenders for this title, attractive people seemed to gravitate towards each other, proving the high school adage once again.

Meanwhile, Danielle, who held a golden key, made a potential deal with Newbie Dominic to secure his safety. Dominic, recognizing his dire situation, was willing to do whatever it took to stay off the block, even if it meant "selling his soul to the devil." With Brenchel, the power couple of Brendon and Rachel, targeting Cassi or Dominic for eviction, aligning with the Veterans might be Dominic's best chance of survival.

Big Brother: Veterans Have Control 1

However, strategizing took a backseat during the have/have-not competition, where Kalia and her partner Lawon emerged victorious. The Newbies had to endure the uncomfortable experience of sharing jumpsuits, leading Kalia to jokingly feel her partner's "future grandchildren up in there." Brenchel, who were experienced in being on all fours together, easily secured their third win of the season and designated Adam, Dominic, Cassi, and Shelly as the have-nots.

Despite finding himself in a difficult position, Dominic wasted no time in attempting to make deals with Jordan and Jeff. However, Cassi also approached the power couple, claiming to be "on board" with their goals. Danielle, feeling protective of her flirty friend Dominic, tried to convince Jordan that Cassi was the one creating drama among the girls. Ultimately, Jordan nominated Dominic and Adam for eviction, stating that she didn't know where their heads were at.

As the episode concluded, the game was still up for grabs, with Jordan determined to eliminate either Adam or Dominic from the house. However, it seemed that the Veterans held all the cards, despite the departure of Evel Dick due to personal issues. This season was quickly resembling Big Brother: All-Stars, with the Veterans asserting their dominance.

Expanding on Gomez's article, it is clear that the relationships within the house are becoming increasingly complicated and alliances are forming. With the Veterans in power, the Newbies are in danger of being picked off one by one. The episode showcased both the strategic gameplay and the petty drama that often come hand in hand on reality TV shows. As the season progresses, it will be interesting to see whose strategy prevails and who will ultimately win the game. Only time will tell as Big Brother continues to unfold its twists and turns.

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