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Expanding on the three defense points for buying wooden doors, it is important to note that experts suggest purchasing them from regular stores due to the rapid development of the wooden door industry in recent years. Wooden doors have become a popular category in the home building materials industry, but their selection can be confusing for consumers. During this period of reshuffling in the market, it is advisable for consumers to buy genuine wooden doors from reputable home building materials stores.

The first defense point is about the material of the wooden doors. It is common for salespeople in wooden door stores to showcase the cross section of the door to customers. However, buying wooden doors solely based on the cross section is unreliable. In many cases, the actual wood used in the door may be of lower quality and cheaper than what is displayed. Some doors may even have honeycomb paper fillers instead of solid wood, despite being marketed as such. To avoid falling for deceptive practices, consumers should not solely rely on the appearance and cross section of the door. It is essential to shop around, compare prices, and if possible, weigh the door to determine the material used.

The second defense point focuses on the style of wooden doors. It is crucial not to rush when choosing a wooden door style. While appearance is essential, it is equally necessary to consider the functionality, style, and color coordination with the living room or other areas where the door will be installed. Different rooms have different requirements. For example, bedroom doors prioritize privacy and creating a warm atmosphere, while study doors should have good sound insulation and an elegant design. Kitchen doors need to be waterproof and have effective oil fume blocking features. Additionally, the color of the wooden door should be coordinated with the wall, ground, and furniture soft decoration. Keeping the same color system but having slight variations can help create a consistent overall aesthetic while still maintaining a sense of differentiation.

The third defense point emphasizes the importance of proper measurement and installation. Due to the lack of skilled installation workers in the wooden door industry, installation problems caused by improper measurement are common. When measuring a door, it is crucial to measure the width at the bottom, middle, and top due to the possibility of walls not being straight. The narrowest value should be taken as the width measurement. Additionally, measuring the thickness of the door pocket at the bottom, middle, and top is essential since walls might not be straight. The maximum value should be taken in this case. Any mistakes or only measuring one place can lead to difficulties in installation, often requiring the smashing of walls. Consumers should also carefully check the measurement times and recorded data provided by the surveyors on-site. After the door size is measured, any activities near the wall, such as tiling, should be informed to the merchant within 24 hours.

In summary, when buying wooden doors, it is crucial to be mindful of the material, style, and proper measurement and installation. Purchasing from regular stores can help ensure the authenticity of the product. Consumers should not rely solely on the cross section of the door and should consider the functionality and aesthetics of the wooden door style. Careful measurement and communication with the merchant are essential to avoid installation issues. Taking these defense points into consideration will help consumers make informed decisions and choose the right wooden doors for their homes.

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