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How to Make a Simple Wall Key Holder

Expanding on the "Make a Wall Key Holder - The Easy Way I Did It" article:

Wall key holders are not only convenient for keeping keys organized but also serve as decorative pieces that add personality to a room. In this article, I will share my experience of repurposing inexpensive items to create a unique and budget-friendly wall key holder. By thinking creatively and adapting materials, even those without extensive DIY skills can successfully create their own key holder.

Repurposing Ceramic Tile Trivets:

How to Make a Simple Wall Key Holder 1

During a shopping trip, I stumbled upon some ceramic tile trivets on a clearance table. Priced at under $5 per piece, I saw the potential to transform them into a key holder. The trivets featured metal framing, which presented an opportunity for attaching hooks. With a hanger on the back and rubber feet to protect the wall, these trivets were already quite suitable for repurposing.

Choosing the Right Hooks:

To convert the trivet into a functional key holder, my husband came up with a simple solution. He found 1 1/4 inch "cup hooks" in our collection of hardware. Although these hooks had threads, they were easily adjustable. Using a hacksaw, he skillfully cut off the threads, sanded both the hook and the area it would attach to on the back of the trivet. This ensured a seamless fit.

Attaching the Hooks:

To securely attach the hooks, we used a propane torch and soldering techniques. By heating the bottom edge of the trivet and the hook, we were able to join the two pieces together. After allowing the key holder to cool, we cleaned it with soap, water, and a stiff brush. Once dry, we applied a small amount of flat black paint using a small brush to match the finish of the tile trivet.

Final Touches:

With our masterpiece completed, it was time to hang it on the wall. We decided to utilize a couple of trivets on the countertop for hot pots and pans, creating a cohesive look with the wall key holder. While this specific example only includes one hook, it's worth mentioning that additional hooks could be easily added to accommodate more keys. For trivets with wood framing, no soldering would be required.

Creating a wall key holder doesn't have to be complicated or expensive. By repurposing ceramic tile trivets and utilizing some basic tools and materials, I was able to craft a unique and functional key holder that suited both my needs and my budget. Remember, with a little creativity and resourcefulness, anyone can transform ordinary items into something practical and visually appealing. So, why not give it a try and make your own wall key holder today?

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