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Personalized Wooden Door Deduces Different Customs

As we continue on our journey of personal growth, the need for privacy becomes increasingly important, especially during our youth. During this time, having a locked door provides us with a sense of ownership and allows us to create our own small kingdom. Similarly, when we get married and start a family, having a strong and secure door becomes vital in protecting our hard-earned home. It ensures that we can provide a safe environment for our loved ones and venture out into the world with peace of mind.

However, doors have evolved beyond their practical function of separating different interior spaces. They have now become a significant part of interior design, contributing to the overall look and feel of a space. Doors have the ability to bring different visual and spiritual elements into a room, adding depth and character.

Let's explore a few scenarios that demonstrate the impact doors have on interior design:

Personalized Wooden Door Deduces Different Customs 1

Scenario 1:

In a room reconstructed from the Sidi Boud Said hotel in Tunisia, North Africa, we encounter a unique door that showcases the region's customs. This door, though it may not fit the traditional definition of a door due to its lack of a door panel and lock, effectively divides two distinct spaces. Its gray and blue color scheme, combined with its arch style, creates a tranquil and peaceful atmosphere in the bedroom. The handmade craftsmanship and intricate woodwork depict the rich customs of Tunisia. Without a door panel, ample sunlight permeates the room, enhancing its low-key nobility and elegance.

Scenario 2:

Moving on to Italy, we step into a cabin owned and designed by Michael Playford, a British antique furniture collector. This abode, influenced by African and Japanese antiques, features two Japanese wooden doors in the living room. These doors, when closed, add an air of Japanese elegance, solemnity, and tranquility to the space. Upon opening them, the bedroom and the owner's treasures are revealed. The doors serve not only as a means of greeting guests but also create an antique furniture exhibition hall.

Scenario 3:

Next, we find ourselves in a spacious house in Mallorca, Spain, masterfully designed by German interior designer Nonavon Haeften. The entire house exudes a strong French and Spanish flavor in its style and decoration. Before entering the master's bedroom, several antique oil paintings and works of art create an exhibition-like ambiance. The thick wooden doors guarding the bedroom not only act as a partition but are also expressionistic pieces of art themselves. The simple geometric patterns and sturdy door handles beautifully separate the art exhibition area from the comfortable sleeping quarters.

Scenario 4:

Our final stop takes us to Barcelona, Spain. Here, a homeowner has installed two transparent glass floor doors in the kitchen, allowing it to become a semi-open space. These doors can be opened to enhance the sense of openness and unity within the home. When closed during cooking, however, they ensure that the unique aromas of Spanish cuisine and the associated noise remain contained within the kitchen, without disturbing the living room area. This clever design allows the male homeowner to quietly observe the activities in the kitchen, appreciating every move made by the hostess. The contrasting black granite kitchen floor, in combination with the glass doors, adds a touch of aesthetic appeal to the overall space.

In conclusion, doors have transcended their basic function of separating rooms. They now serve as major elements of interior design, contributing to the overall visual and spiritual experience of a space. Whether it's through unique craftsmanship, cultural influences, or clever layout designs, doors have the power to transform any room into an extraordinary and captivating space.

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