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The Wooden Door at Home Must Be Installed Like This. Many People Don't Understand It. They Demolished It and Reinstalled It When They Checked In!

When purchasing a house with the intention of decorating it, it is essential not to overlook small details. One such detail is the installation of a wooden door, which serves as a facade design for the home. Failing to install the wooden door correctly can have negative consequences, as it may be viewed as a joke by others. While these opinions may not be expressed overtly, they can still be discussed behind closed doors. To avoid this, it is crucial to understand the proper installation method for a wooden door.

There are several conditions that need to be met during the installation process. Firstly, the installation method of the reserved opening must be followed, and laying the opening while installing the door is strictly prohibited. Once the floor works, such as floor tiles or stones, are completed in the installation hole, the wooden door can be installed. However, prior to installation, the wall putty must be scraped and polished. Additionally, any holes where wall tiles or stones need to be placed should be positioned towards the side of the opening.

The humidity of the wall at the installation opening should be 25%. If the humidity is higher, it is necessary to create a moisture-proof isolation layer on the installation wall. It is also important that the installation site is clean and free from clutter, ensuring a smooth and organized process.

The Wooden Door at Home Must Be Installed Like This. Many People Don't Understand It. They Demolished It and Reinstalled It When They Checked In! 1

To successfully install a wooden door, several tools are required. These include an electric hammer, woodworking hammer, plane, flat file, fine tooth saw (hacksaw), screwdriver, angle ruler, tape measure, plumb bob, level ruler, electric drill, hole opener, and drill bits of varying specifications.

The installation process can be divided into several phases. Firstly, the materials need to be cut according to the size of the house. Prior to cutting, protective measures should be taken to prevent damage to the floor. Once the materials are cut, the door pocket needs to be assembled. This involves fixing the previously cut materials with air nails and constructing the frame according to the door pocket lines.

Once the door pocket is assembled, it can be installed into the door opening. It should be positioned as a whole and roughly fixed with small wooden strips around the periphery. It is important to ensure that both sides of the door pocket are aligned with the wall and that the door pocket is perpendicular to the ground. The top plate of the door pocket should be at right angles to the two vertical plates, and the vertical plates should be free from bending. The ends of the iron sheet should be twisted to wrap the wall securely.

Next, the door leaf needs to be installed. Hinge slots should be opened, and the distance between the hinge slot and both ends of the door leaf should be 1/10 of the height of the door leaf. Careful attention should be given to ensure the door leaf and door lock switch are flexible and meet the necessary specifications.

After the door leaf is installed, the door face line can be affixed. The door face line should be cut at a right angle, trimmed with a woodworking plane, and inserted into the door pocket slot. It should be securely attached to the door pocket plate using floor glue. Additionally, door suction should be installed at the appropriate position.

Once the installation is complete, it is important to thoroughly inspect the wooden door for any potential issues. A good wooden door should be properly installed to ensure its optimal performance. Acceptance criteria include the absence of dislocation or misalignment, the ability to open and close the door leaf and lock smoothly, consistent gaps on both sides of the door leaf, and a vertical door pocket. The decorative surface should be free from damage, and the hinge should be smooth without any burrs.

After the wooden door is installed, there are a few common problems that may arise. Cracking, shrinkage, and collision can occur due to weather conditions or improper handling during installation. To resolve these issues, merchants often provide their own paint repair agents. For larger or more severe damages, professional repairers can be hired. Another possible problem is the automatic door switch, which may be caused by misalignment of the door or inconsistencies in the wall thickness. Using an infrared level during installation can help align the door pocket and door leaf. Finally, there may be a gap between the door pocket line and the wall. This could indicate a problem with the wall, such as inconsistent thickness on both sides and above the opening. For minor gaps, no action may be necessary, but for light-colored door pockets, patching with white glass glue is recommended.

In conclusion, when it comes to the installation of a wooden door, it is crucial to pay attention to the small details. Proper installation ensures the safety and functionality of the door, while also maintaining its aesthetic appeal. By following the correct installation method and addressing common problems that may arise, homeowners can enjoy a well-installed wooden door that enhances the overall decor of their home.

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