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Entrance door project case of Nanning Longguang-Jiulongwan

Basic information of the project:

Time: 2020-2021

Location: China

Type: Apartment and luxury flats.

Project name: Entrance door project case of Nanning Long guang-Jiulongwan 

Project Address: 19 Fuli Road, Wuxiang District, Nanning City, Guangxi Province, China

Project introduction: Longguang Jiulong Bay which Longguang Real Estate has worked hard to build, is a giant project of Longguang Real Estate's 20-year brand precipitation, covering a total area of 119 acres in the first phase, facing the first-line landscape of Wuxiang Lake Original Ecological Wetland Park. In addition, the surrounding area also has a convenient supermarket system, entertainment area, subway, high-class housing area, 2 primary schools, 2 junior high schools and 1 high schools.

Entrance door project case of Nanning Longguang-Jiulongwan   1

Entrance door project case of Nanning Longguang-Jiulongwan   2  

Entrance door project case of Nanning Longguang-Jiulongwan   3

Project Challenge and solution:

Zonle Doors is honored to be the supplier of fireproof doors and front steel doors in this project. We have provided 260 sets fire door, 700 sets steel doors, finished size measurement, production, delivery, installation, and testing. The total project amount reached 358000 RMB.

Although this project Face with many difficulties, such as the project distribution is scattered.The size of the opening is not uniform.The on-site construction equipment is rudimentary and the transportation road is narrow. Multi-project simultaneous construction, centralized delivery, large amount of engineering, tight construction period.


After repeated discussions and consultations with Longguang, Zonle Door Industry established the Longguang Project Operation and Dispatching Command Center, combined with the comprehensive operation advantages of Zonle Door Industry, to fully open up the whole chain of raw material supply chain, production, logistics and transportation, and on-site construction, and form the highest priority full chain response plan.
1. Product standardization + working surface standardization
On the basis of Longguang's refined management advantages, Longguang cooperated with Longguang to standardize fire door products and construction work surfaces, refined the detailed schedule planning nodes, and layed conditions for the whole chain response plan.

2. Intelligent operation management system one-stop listing
Through the intelligent operation management system of Zonle Doors, the fire door project scheduling plan is introduced, and the automatic and accurate decomposition of the order prefabrication, raw material procurement preparation, scheduling plan and logistics planning system is realized, and the system realizes the efficient operation of circular material preparation, circular scheduling and circular logistics.
3. Intelligent manufacturing line 7-day product processing cycle
Give full play to the advantages of intelligent manufacturing in Zonle Door Industry, special line production, intelligent system circulation single, to achieve a 7-day extreme product processing cycle of special line.

Zonle has a high sense of responsibility, it completed the work item successfully and received high appreciation from the contractor. Zonle Doors has good quality, cheap price, good service, and is an excellent supplier.

Entrance door project case of Nanning Longguang-Jiulongwan   4

Entrance door project case of Nanning Longguang-Jiulongwan   5Entrance door project case of Nanning Longguang-Jiulongwan   6 

Entrance door project case of Nanning Longguang-Jiulongwan   7

Entrance door project case of Nanning Longguang-Jiulongwan   8

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