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Steel door project case of Nanning Sunac- Jiuxi Mansion Project Phase II

Basic information of the project:

Project name: Steel door project case of Nanning Sunac- Jiuxi Mansion Project Phase  II


Location: China

Type: Ordinary house, apartment

Project Address:18 Hopo Road,Qingxiu District, Nanning, Guangxi, China

Project introduction:

Sunac Jiuxi-Mansion is a high-end boutique residence built by Sunac's high-end product "Jiufu Series" based on the architectural concept of New Oriental.2019 national TOP4 brand housing enterprise Sunac focuses on Nanning, focusing on creating new Oriental Chinese products in Nanning Qingxiu district. The project is based on the core commercial and residential area of Fengling East Railway Station in Qingxiu District, with an insight into Chinese people's feelings for nature and pursuit of their own spiritual world, inheriting the spirit of Suzhou Taohuayuan high quality gardening and the works of Oriental life aesthetics.  

Steel door project case of Nanning Sunac- Jiuxi Mansion Project Phase  II 1

The project covers an area of 61,305 square meters and is located in the north of Nanning East Railway Station. According to the division of tectonic plates, it really belongs to Qingxiu District. It is actually located in the dividing line between Qingxiu District plate and Xingning, and it takes 5-10 minutes to travel.  

Steel door project case of Nanning Sunac- Jiuxi Mansion Project Phase  II 2

Hepo road planning two-way 8 lanes, traffic network overall pass, the recent new metro planning, Nanning east line 1 and Line 5 Jinqiao passenger station, the project planning has primary and secondary schools, Qingxiu district's largest primary school, a total of 60 classes, primary and secondary school names to be determined, known as included in the Yuanhu Road primary school  

There are 93 square meters, 100 square meters for three rooms, 110 square meters, 122 square meters for four rooms  

Steel door project case of Nanning Sunac- Jiuxi Mansion Project Phase  II 3

Project Challenge and solution:

On October 2, 2020, the second phase project of Sunac Jiuxi House failed to pass the fire inspection due to the problem of steel door clearance size. The real estate on the ground contacted Zonle door industry for emergency steel door replacement, with a total of 1,140 doors. It was required to complete the construction delivery of the whole department products within 27 days. In other competitors friends clear reply can not be completed under the circumstances, Zonle door industry comprehensive evaluation to undertake the project.  



1. Demand statistics and intelligent scheduling: urgent scheduling of project management resources, completion of on-site steel door product quantity, specifications and configuration statistics within 1 day, development of production node schedule, intelligent analysis of production line resources through Zonle intelligent operation management system, automatic accurate scheduling.  

2. intelligent manufacturing 7 days product processing cycle: give full play to Zonle steel door intelligent manufacturing flexible design characteristics, at the same time two production lines advance, achieve 7 days limit product processing cycle, 100% self-check qualified warehousing.

3. Seamless connection of its own logistics platform: achieve seamless connection through intelligent logistics system, deliver goods overnight and successfully deliver goods within 2 days.  

4. Inter-regional scheduling and joint construction of 4 construction teams: through the data decision-making system, inter-regional scheduling and joint construction of 4 installation teams at the same time, so as to cross and advance in multiple processes and complete product installation and construction of the whole department within 15 days after the arrival of goods.  

Steel door project case of Nanning Sunac- Jiuxi Mansion Project Phase  II 4Steel door project case of Nanning Sunac- Jiuxi Mansion Project Phase  II 5

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