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Steel door project case of Shanghai Impression Spring City

1.Basic information of project:

Time: 2009

Location: China

Type: Plaza,Office Building and High-rise residential building.

Project name:Steel door project case of Shanghai Impression Spring City

Project Address: Pudong , Zhoupuzhen Nianjiabang East Road Zhoudong Road, Shanghai, China

Project introduction: Shanghai Impression Spring City is a prominent engineering project located in the vibrant city of Shanghai, China. This project aims to create an iconic and visually captivating urban space that showcases the city's rich history, culture, and modernity. The project emphasizes the creation of beautiful and sustainable green spaces that harmonize with the existing urban environment. It incorporates an extensive network of parks, gardens, and tree-lined avenues, providing residents and visitors with a tranquil oasis amidst the bustling cityscape. Shanghai Impression Spring City is an ambitious and visionary project that showcases the best of Shanghai's history, culture, and modernity. With its sustainable infrastructure, stunning architectural design, and emphasis on cultural preservation, the project contributes to the city's overall development and enhances the livability of its residents.

Steel door project case of Shanghai Impression Spring City 1             Steel door project case of Shanghai Impression Spring City 2

2. Project Challenge and solution

Due to the large number of door openings in this project, there are also many dimensional requirements for the steel doors. Therefore, we provide professional services to our customers.

(1) We fully communicate with our customers to understand their specific needs and requirements. Ask them about their requirements for the size of the door, including aspects such as height, width, and thickness.

(2) We dispatch professional technicians to the customer's site for measurement and evaluation. According to the actual situation of the site, determine the exact size of the steel door, and take into account any special requirements, such as the position of the door frame and the structure of the wall, etc.

(3) Provide customers with professional advice according to customer needs and on-site evaluation results. According to the size of the door, recommend the appropriate door style and material to ensure that the quality and function of the door meet the customer's expectations.

(4) According to the specific requirements of customers, provide steel door size customization services. Work with door manufacturers to make custom-sized door leaves and frames according to customer requirements to ensure that the door matches the existing door opening or wall size.

(5) During the installation process, we operate in strict accordance with the size and installation requirements of the door. Ensure the fit and tightness of the door and the door frame, while ensuring the stability and safety of the door.

3. Product characteristics and quality:

  In this project, we supplied 2345 galvanized steel doors. The main sizes are 880*2050mm, 960*2050mm, 1180*2050mm, 1480*2050mm and so on. Galvanized steel is commonly used for steel doors and it offers several characteristics and advantages:

1Strong corrosion resistance: Galvanized steel is coated with a layer of zinc, which provides excellent protection against corrosion. This ensures that the steel door has a longer lifespan and can withstand harsh environments, especially in areas with high humidity or corrosive elements.

2High strength: Galvanized steel doors have enhanced strength and hardness due to the zinc coating. This makes the doors highly resistant to compression, impact, and deformation, providing excellent durability and resistance to external forces.

3Good wear resistance: The zinc coating on galvanized steel doors provides excellent wear resistance, allowing the door surface to maintain its smoothness and aesthetic appeal over a long period of time.

4Enhanced security: Steel doors made from galvanized steel offer high levels of security. The strength and stability of galvanized steel make it difficult to break or pry open, providing effective protection against forced entry and ensuring the safety of occupants and property.

5Easy maintenance: Galvanized steel doors require minimal maintenance. The zinc coating provides excellent weather and corrosion resistance, reducing the need for frequent repairs. Regular cleaning and application of anti-rust paint can help prolong the lifespan of galvanized steel doors. In summary, galvanized steel doors offer strong corrosion resistance, high strength, good wear resistance, enhanced security, and easy maintenance. These characteristics make galvanized steel doors a popular choice for various construction and engineering projects, providing a secure, durable, and aesthetically pleasing solution.

 4.The installation steps of steel doors are generally as follows:

(1) Prepare tools and materials: electric drill, electric hammer, screwdriver, expansion screw, wooden flute, adhesive, etc.

(2) Measure the size of the steel door and door frame, put the door frame in the door opening, adjust the horizontality of the door frame, and fix the door frame on the wall with expansion screws.

(3) Put the steel door on the door frame, check the fit between the door leaf and the door frame, drill according to the reserved screw hole on the door leaf, and fix the door leaf and the door frame with screws.

(4) Install door frame latches, hook buckles and door locks, the hardware on the door includes door locks, hinges, door suctions, door clamps, etc., and the installation should be carried out according to the operating instructions provided by the manufacturer.

(5) Install the lower seal of the door leaf and the upper top strip of the door frame, paste the seal and the top strip with adhesive, and insert the lower seal of the door leaf into the lower groove of the door frame to make it fit closely with the door frame.

(6) Install the steel door handle and door guard plate of the door leaf, the door guard plate is generally designed to prevent the steel plate on both sides of the door leaf from touching the door frame or wall.

 5. Then the picture after installation is as follows:

Steel door project case of Shanghai Impression Spring City 3

Steel door project case of Shanghai Impression Spring City 4

Steel door project case of Shanghai Impression Spring City 5







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