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Can Wooden Doors Be Equipped with Floor Springs? Installation Method of Floor Springs for Wooden Doors

In modern home decoration, the purchase and decoration of doors hold great importance. Wooden doors, in particular, are popular due to their various styles and materials, as well as their advantages such as beautiful appearance, environmental friendliness, and good sound insulation. Therefore, many consumers prefer wooden doors as their main choice. When considering the safety and convenience of using wooden doors, the installation of a floor spring becomes crucial.

The question arises whether wooden doors can be fitted with floor springs. While it is possible to install a floor spring on wooden doors, it may come with certain challenges. One primary concern is that wood materials are susceptible to weather conditions and other factors. Wooden products, including doors, can be affected by moisture, leading to rusting of the floor springs. Thus, it is generally not recommended to install floor springs on wooden doors.

Additionally, the material strength of ordinary wooden doors may not be sufficient for installing floor springs. If there is a desire to use floor springs with wooden materials, it becomes necessary to customize the wooden door with a strong frame. This ensures that the floor spring remains durable and functions effectively.

Can Wooden Doors Be Equipped with Floor Springs? Installation Method of Floor Springs for Wooden Doors 1

If the decision is made to proceed with the installation of a floor spring on a wooden door, there is a specific method to follow. Firstly, the rotation axis of the floor spring should align with the rotation axis of the door clamp. Then, holes need to be opened on the ground according to the instructions and physical objects. The size of these holes should match the floor spring shell without any looseness. Once the ground spring is inserted into the hole, it needs to be straightened.

To complete the installation, the door leaf with the door clamp should be lifted, and the rotating shaft of the floor spring must be inserted into the rotating shaft hole of the door leaf. After this, the screws in three directions of the floor spring need to be adjusted to keep the door leaf vertical and ensure that the up and down rotation axes coincide. It is crucial to adjust the closing speed accurately, as the installation precision of the floor spring significantly impacts its service life.

There can be quality defects in floor springs, such as oil leakage from the body or eccentricity of the ground shaft. Casting process-related sand holes can cause oil leakage in the body, resulting in decreased functionality. Similarly, the eccentricity of the ground axis may cause the door body to deviate from the door leaf line. While some defects can be managed by adjusting the position of the body, it is advisable to contact the manufacturer for a replacement.

Over time, the performance of a floor spring diminishes due to oil leakage of the axis and weakening of elastic force. Inaccurate alignment between the sky axis and the main shaft of the floor spring can lead to increased wear between the main shaft and the bearing, causing oil leakage. The spring's elasticity will inevitably decrease after prolonged stretching movement.

To summarize, while wooden doors can technically be fitted with floor springs, it is generally not recommended due to the vulnerability of wooden materials to weather changes and moisture. However, if the decision is made to install a floor spring on a wooden door, it is crucial to follow the correct installation method to ensure its efficiency and longevity. Considering these factors, consumers should make informed decisions while purchasing wooden doors and floor springs for their homes.

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