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Full Analysis of the Installation Process of Decorated Wooden Doors? What Should I Pay Attention to When Decorating Wooden Doors?

Wooden doors have been cherished by people for centuries due to their solid and durable nature. Over time, there have been continuous innovations in wooden door designs, leading to a plethora of styles available in the market today. When it comes to installing wooden doors during the decoration process, it is essential to have a thorough understanding of the installation process to achieve the best results. In this article, we will provide a comprehensive analysis of the installation process of decorated wooden doors and highlight the key factors to consider when decorating wooden doors.

1. Assemble the door pocket: The first step in installing a decorated wooden door is to assemble the door pocket. Identify the door pocket and vertical plate and align the joints according to the back number. Make sure the mining openings are on the same plane and apply glue at the interface. Secure the joint by hitting 80mm wooden screws into the lead holes behind the interface. It is important not to drive the screws directly into the door pocket. Check for correct size measurements between mining openings and ensure a flat, dense, and firm joint. Install iron sheets on the back of the door pocket vertical plate using 25mm self-tapping screws. Maintain a spacing of 300-350mm between iron sheets and a distance of 200mm from the ground.

2. Install the door pocket: Once the door pocket is firmly assembled, place it as a whole into the entrance hole. Roughly fix the door pocket around with small wooden strips, ensuring that both sides of the door pocket are on the same plane as the wall. Verify that the door pocket is perpendicular to the ground and that the top plate and vertical plates form right angles at the two corners. Check for any bends in the door pocket vertical plate. Twist the iron sheet at both ends to wrap it around the wall. Drill an 8mm hole on the wall using an electric hammer, plug it with a small wooden strip according to the position of the reserved hole on the iron sheet, and secure the iron sheet to the wall with an 80mm wooden screw. Fill and plug any gaps between the door pocket and the wall with small wooden strips. Verify that the door pocket aligns with the door and inject styrofoam to complete the installation.

Full Analysis of the Installation Process of Decorated Wooden Doors? What Should I Pay Attention to When Decorating Wooden Doors? 1

3. Install the door leaf: Begin by opening the hinge slot. Maintain a distance between the hinge slot and both ends of the door leaf equal to 1/10 of the door leaf height. Heavier doors should be equipped with three hinges. The depth of the hinge slot should match the thickness of a single hinge piece. Use screws that match the hinge for installation and tighten them with a screwdriver. Avoid driving the screws directly with a hammer. Fix one screw only on the hinge attached to the door pocket after fixing the hinge on the door leaf. Close the door and check if the left, right, and upper gaps are consistent and the door can open smoothly. Once confirmed, tighten the remaining screws.

When it comes to decorating wooden doors, there are several factors to consider:

1. Avoid leaning goods against the doors and keep them placed horizontally on the ground.

2. If the wooden doors are unpainted, make sure to paint them within five days to protect them.

3. Prevent prolonged exposure to outdoor sunlight as it can cause the wooden doors to overheat.

4. Maintain indoor air circulation to prevent frequent dampness of wooden doors.

5. Handle the doors with care and avoid excessive force when closing them to prevent damage.

6. Do not nail or hang heavy objects on the doors as it can weaken their structure.

7. Be cautious with hardware connectors such as metal handles and locks. Keep them away from gas and corrosive substances that can damage their luster. Additionally, avoid hanging a string of keys on the door to prevent scratching the paint.

By following these guidelines, one can ensure proper installation and maintenance of decorated wooden doors. It is recommended to seek help from professional personnel for door customization and free door-to-door installation services, which can effectively reduce decoration costs and save time.

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