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Hotels with the Most Unusual Guest Keys

These hotels have taken key design to a whole new level, creating unique and memorable keys that add a touch of luxury and artistry to the guest experience. From embossed gold to engraved brass and reclaimed wood, these keys are not only functional but also serve as beautiful works of art.

In Franschhoek, South Africa, La Residence Hotel & Villas showcases its opulence with embossed gold keys adorned with sizeable tassels. These glitzy keys not only add glamour but also serve the practical purpose of preventing guests from accidentally taking their keys home.

In Charleston, South Carolina, the Zero George Street Hotel pays homage to the 19th century with solid brass keys engraved with a sleek signature "O". These keys, designed for the Baldwin locks, add a contemporary touch to the historic property.

Hotels with the Most Unusual Guest Keys 1

Nestled in London's Chelsea district, The Draycott Hotel captures the essence of British charm with antique keys labeled with the names of famous English playwrights and actors. Each room pays tribute to theatrical luminaries of the past, infusing a sense of history and culture into the key design.

Hotel Castello di Casole in Siena, Italy, reflects the beauty of its surroundings with a brass key holder featuring an image of the cypress trees that line the property's entryway. This unique design brings a touch of nature and elegance to the guests' experience.

In Washington, Virginia, the Inn at Little Washington commissions handmade leather tassel key rings from Amish artisans in Ohio. These key rings are not only beautiful but also feature a glass logo rosette reminiscent of those used on dressage show halters. This attention to detail adds a touch of sophistication to the hotel's key design.

At Raffles Hotel Le Royal in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, brass key chains are engraved with letters representing room numbers for guest safety. They also feature the official emblem of the Royal Palace of Cambodia, making them truly unique and exclusive. The hotel is one of only two properties permitted to use the royal logo, further enhancing the sense of luxury and prestige.

Hotel Vermont in Burlington, Vermont, takes pride in supporting local artisans and showcases their work through partnerships. Artist Duncan Johnson designed the hotel's room keys and original artwork by crafting geometric compositions from reclaimed wood found in Vermont. These keys not only serve as a personal touch but also promote sustainability and local craftsmanship.

These hotels have gone above and beyond to create keys that are more than just functional items. They are works of art that add a touch of luxury, elegance, and culture to the guest experience. From embossed gold to engraved brass and reclaimed wood, these keys showcase the creativity and attention to detail that sets these hotels apart. Taking a piece of these unique keys home may be tempting, but they are meant to stay with the hotel, serving as a lasting memory of a truly exceptional stay.

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