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The House Was so Wet That Insects Ate Out the Wooden Doors. I Can Only Regret After Listening to the Carpenter

Wooden doors are essential fixtures in homes and buildings, and their maintenance is crucial to ensure their longevity. One of the main factors that can damage wooden doors is moisture, as excessive moisture can lead to the growth of molds and attract moths. However, there are several effective methods to prevent wooden doors from being eaten by moths, in addition to controlling moisture levels.

Moth prevention method I: Salt water

Insects, including moths, dislike salt water, especially when it has a high concentration. By applying concentrated salt water to the wooden door multiple times, moths can be deterred. Another alternative is to dip cotton in essential oils such as camphor and place it in the corners of the home. This approach effectively eliminates the presence of moths and prevents their infestation.

The House Was so Wet That Insects Ate Out the Wooden Doors. I Can Only Regret After Listening to the Carpenter 1

Moth prevention method II: Sharp pepper and Zanthoxylum bungeanum

There are various natural substances that act as moth repellents. Common ingredients like sharp pepper and Chinese prickly ash can be crushed into pieces and inserted into boreholes on the wooden door. Once flushed with water, these substances discourage moths from spreading. Moreover, these items are readily available in daily life and pose no harm to humans.

Moth prevention method III: Insecticide solution

Using insecticide solutions is another effective way to prevent moths from damaging wooden doors. By adding an appropriate amount of insect-killing potion to common fire water, a mixture can be obtained and poured into moth holes. This technique not only kills existing moths but also acts as a preventive measure. However, caution should be exercised when using such solutions, as they can be toxic and harmful when in contact with human skin or ingested.

Moth prevention method IV: Coating

Applying a protective coating to wooden doors is a little-known yet simple method to prevent moth damage. Raw tung oil, shellac, or clear water paint can be used to create a barrier between the wooden surface and the air, thereby deterring moths. It is vital to ensure even coverage throughout the surface of the door when applying the coating.

Moth prevention method V: Sun exposure

Taking advantage of sunny weather, wooden doors can be temporarily removed and left to bask in the sun. Using a brush or cotton yarn dipped in soy sauce, coat all wooden surfaces of cabinets and doors; this will help eliminate moth presence. After two to three hours of drying, moths can be observed dying at their holes. Finally, wash the wooden door and allow it to dry. Another long-term preventive measure is soaking the wooden doors in a 3% sodium fluoride solution, which effectively deters moths indefinitely.

In conclusion, wooden doors are susceptible to moth damage over time, particularly in rural areas where such cases are more prevalent. It is essential to adopt preventive measures to maintain the integrity of wooden doors. The methods mentioned above, such as using salt water, natural substances, insecticide solutions, coatings, and sun exposure, provide effective ways to protect wooden doors from moth infestations. By implementing these preventative measures, homeowners can ensure the longevity and beauty of their wooden doors for years to come.

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The house was so wet that insects ate out the wooden doors. I can only regret after listening to the carpenter.

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The moisture in the house was so extreme that it caused the wooden doors to rot and be eaten away by insects. The regret only set in after hearing the harsh reality from the carpenter. It's a reminder to stay on top of home maintenance to prevent costly repairs.

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