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Top Ten Wooden Doors in China, Wooden Door Maintenance and Cleaning Methods


"It is well known that in today's modern families, wooden doors are the preferred choice for most consumers. The popularity of wooden doors can be attributed to their excellent decorative qualities and moderate pricing. However, consumers also take into consideration the brand of the product. Therefore, we have compiled a list of China's top ten wooden door brands, along with some maintenance and cleaning methods to help you keep your wooden doors in excellent condition.

Shangbai Wooden Door:

Top Ten Wooden Doors in China, Wooden Door Maintenance and Cleaning Methods 1

Shangbai Wood Industry is a renowned Chinese brand that has been operating since 2010. They specialize in producing and selling high-grade solid wood doors, original wood doors, and wall panel series products. With a commitment to excellence, Shangbai offers economically priced wooden door products that are reliable in terms of quality, winning the trust and recognition of consumers.

Panpan Door Industry:

Panpan Anju Co., Ltd., also known as Panpan Door Industry, is one of China's leading brands in wooden doors. Recognized as one of the top ten brands of anti-theft and fire doors, Panpan Anju has established itself as an industry leader. Not only are they a well-known trademark in China, but they are also a high-tech enterprise in Liaoning Province, specializing in the production of Anju products.

Tata Wooden Door:

Beijing Qiaotongchuang Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. is a well-established company dedicated to the innovative research and development, production, sales, and service of finished bedroom doors in China. Tata Wooden Door is one of their top ten brands, known for their premium quality products.


Chongqing Meixin (Group) Co., Ltd., founded in 1989, is a comprehensive enterprise that focuses on the door industry while also being involved in the production of auto parts, new environmental protection building materials, and real estate development. Meixin prides itself on its diverse range of offerings and its commitment to quality.

QianChuan Wooden Door:

Chengdu QianChuan Wood Industry Co., Ltd., is a brand product of Sichuan Province. It is not only a leading manufacturer of solid wood doors but also acts as an editor and reviewer of wood door and window industry standards. QianChuan Wooden Door is recognized for its high-quality products and pioneering initiatives.


Sheraton Door Industry aims to create a warm, romantic, comfortable, and perfect living space for its customers through its retro interior door system. Their doors exude charm and elegance, elevating the aesthetics of any home.

Amongst the top ten wooden doors in China, Ruiyi Door Rayi, Jindi Goldea, Mingyaju Wooden Door, and Sakura are also highly esteemed brands.

Maintaining and cleaning your wooden doors is essential to keep them looking and functioning their best. Here are a few methods to follow:

1. Good Indoor Ventilation: It's crucial to ensure proper indoor ventilation during spring, autumn, and winter. Maintaining a normal room temperature and humidity prevents the wooden door from warping or opening due to excessive humidity or temperature differences. It also helps prevent corrosion and rusting of metal accessories and ensures that the wood door's finishing materials remain intact.

2. Avoid High Indoor Temperatures: During winter, it's important to avoid high indoor temperatures, especially near the wooden doors. Excessive heat can cause the doors to deform. To protect your wooden doors, keep the temperature at a steady 20 degrees Celsius and maintain appropriate distances between the doors and heating equipment.

3. Avoid Frequent Rubbing of Edges and Corners: To prevent fading and damage to the finishing materials at the edges and corners, avoid frequent rubbing of these areas. Instead, handle the doors with care and use a gentle touch when cleaning or handling.

4. Stain Removal: To remove stains such as fingerprints from the surface of your wooden doors, you can use steam to wet the area and then gently wipe with a soft cloth. Avoid harsh scrubbing with a hard cloth, as it can scratch the surface. For stubborn stains, use a neutral detergent, toothpaste, or special furniture cleaner. After removing the stains, make sure to wipe the surface clean.

In conclusion, the top ten wooden door brands in China offer excellent options for consumers, combining quality, aesthetics, and affordability. By following the provided maintenance and cleaning methods, you can ensure that your wooden doors stay in pristine condition. These doors are available at exclusive stores, providing you with peace of mind when making your purchase.

Top Ten Wooden Doors in China

1. Yuanzhicheng Wooden Doors
2. Holike Wooden Doors
3. Red Oak Wooden Doors
4. EHE Wooden Doors
5. Oppein Wooden Doors
6. Forest Bright Wooden Doors
7. Keniva Wooden Doors
8. Greentown Wooden Doors
9. Jiefu Wooden Doors
10. Kangton Wooden Doors

Wooden Door Maintenance and Cleaning Methods
- Regular Dusting and Polishing
- Avoid Harsh Chemical Cleaners
- Repair Scratches and Dents
- Protect from Moisture and Sunlight
- Professional Refinishing as needed

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In conclusion, China offers a wide array of beautifully crafted wooden doors that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also durable. To maintain these doors, regular cleaning and proper maintenance methods are crucial. By following the recommended cleaning and maintenance tips, you can ensure that your wooden doors in China will remain in top condition for years to come.

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