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What Are the Precautions for Wooden Door Installation?

The Door: A Key Element in Evaluating the Quality of a Home

The door is an essential part of any house, serving as the entryway and exit point for the family. It is accessible to everyone and plays a crucial role in shaping the overall impression of the house. The experience of living in a home is directly influenced by the quality of its doors. Unfortunately, we often encounter problems in our daily lives due to issues with the door, such as injuries or difficulties in leaving the house. Moreover, with the increasing popularity of wooden doors, the problem of expansion has emerged as a challenge. In this article, we will discuss how to solve the problem of wooden door expansion and the necessary precautions to take during the installation process.

Wooden doors are known for their thermal expansion and contraction characteristics. When placed in a humid environment, wooden doors are prone to expand and deform, making it difficult to close them properly. Simply changing the hinge or door pocket will not resolve this issue. It is advisable, if possible, to replace the wooden door with a waterproof and moisture-proof alternative. This will ensure better functionality and longevity.

What Are the Precautions for Wooden Door Installation? 1

Moisture is a significant factor that affects wooden doors. In some cases, moisture from the surrounding walls can penetrate the door, leading to deformation. Therefore, it is crucial to identify the specific reason behind the moisture affecting the door. If only the wooden door is affected, proper ventilation or replacing it with a waterproof and moisture-proof door can be effective solutions. Additionally, if particular parts of the door are deformed, they can be carefully trimmed to ensure a tight fit. However, if the water supply line is damaged, it will be necessary to address that issue as well.

When installing wooden doors, it is essential to take certain precautions to ensure their durability and performance. Firstly, the door opening must undergo necessary moisture-proof and anti-corrosion treatment before installation. This includes using non-corrosive and non-melting waterproof materials to cover the wooden door during wall painting. It is also important to prevent the door from experiencing abnormal impacts or coming into contact with corrosive substances.

After the installation, it is crucial to avoid hanging heavy objects in the middle of the door leaf or allowing sharp objects to bump or scratch the doors. Furthermore, when opening or closing the door, excessive force should be avoided, as it can lead to damage. Keeping the indoor air relative humidity between 60% - 75% is advised, with extra attention given to ventilation in spring and winter. Maintaining a normal room temperature and humidity prevents deformation due to excessive wet temperature differences, corrosion and rust of metal accessories, and the detachment of edge sealing and finishing materials. When using heating equipment in winter, it is important to keep it away from wood products to prevent thermal deformation or surface damage.

Regular maintenance is also crucial for wooden doors. Loose hinges and locks should be tightened promptly, and lubrication should be applied to prevent sound. An appropriate amount of pencil lead foam can be added to the keyhole if the lock does not open smoothly, but it is crucial not to use lubricating oil casually.

In conclusion, doors are not only practical but also create a lasting impression of a home. Their importance cannot be overstated. It is essential to take the issue of doors seriously, considering their impact on the overall quality of a house. By understanding the causes and solutions to wooden door expansion, as well as following precautions during installation and maintenance, homeowners can ensure the longevity and functionality of their wooden doors.

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