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What Material Is Good for Toilet Door? How to Choose the Wooden Door in the Bathroom?

Expanding on the topic of bathroom door selection and installation in home decoration, there are several factors to consider when choosing the appropriate door for a specific space. This article will delve further into these factors and provide additional insights for readers.

Firstly, it is essential to differentiate between two types of bathrooms commonly used in home decoration. The first category involves larger spaces with dry and wet partitions. In this case, consumers have the freedom to choose according to their preferences. The second category pertains to smaller spaces without the division of dry and wet areas. When selecting a door for such a bathroom, the following aspects can be taken into consideration:

1. Opt for plastic steel doors that provide assurance in terms of moisture-proof performance, even though they may not be as aesthetically pleasing.

What Material Is Good for Toilet Door? How to Choose the Wooden Door in the Bathroom? 1

2. Doors with a steel plate surface and a wood core can offer waterproof properties. However, the options for door styles may be limited, leaving little room for choice.

3. Doors made of aluminum magnesium titanium alloy exhibit excellent waterproof functions, come in a wide range of styles, and offer rich colors to choose from. The quality can usually be determined by the thickness of the material. As long as proper quality control is ensured, these doors can be a good choice.

4. Stainless steel and glass doors are also viable options due to their good waterproof and functional characteristics. However, they may be relatively expensive, making them less cost-effective for ordinary room decorations. Another suitable alternative is fully frosted semi-glass doors, which can also be an excellent choice for bathroom doors.

If the area permits, wooden doors or wooden doors with glass lattices can also be considered for bathroom installations. However, when choosing a wooden door, several factors need to be kept in mind:

1. The first consideration should be whether the door core is real wood or not. Solid wood doors tend to be more expensive. For a more economical and versatile option, solid wood composite doors, which contain some solid wood, can be chosen, with prices typically ranging from 800 to 3000 yuan. When visiting stores of wooden door manufacturers, it is advisable to examine the cross-sections of the doors and consider the weight. Doors with fewer spaces in the middle tend to be more desirable, as they are heavier and more solid. Additionally, opting for three hinges rather than two can ensure greater bearing capacity and durability.

2. The durability of the door pocket is another crucial factor to consider. Many manufacturers offer medium-density fiberboard (MDF) door covers, which provide good surface flatness. However, these covers may have poor nail holding force and limited moisture-proof capabilities, similar to sponge water absorption. If budget permits, it is recommended to opt for a solid wood composite door pocket. This type of door pocket, made with a solid wood core and wrapped with density board, offers better nail holding capacity and prevents door frame deformation.

3. During the installation of wooden doors, it is crucial to ensure that the ground is dry. If the ground is not completely dry, it is not advisable to install wooden doors during summer or the rainy season. Moisture from the ground can be absorbed by the door pocket, leading to deformation in high humidity conditions. Proper precautions should be taken to prevent water vapor absorption and subsequent deformation or mildew.

4. When choosing a handle for the bathroom door, it is recommended to select a matte aluminum alloy or stainless steel handle. Shiny aluminum alloy handles are prone to oxidation and scratches. On the other hand, matte aluminum alloy door lock handles are more durable, do not reflect light, and come in various colors. These handles offer better longevity and resistance to scratches.

5. Moisture-proof treatment for the bathroom door pocket is crucial. The bathroom is generally characterized by high humidity and water vapor. Even in an open bathroom, water vapor has the potential to erode wooden doors and door pockets. Moreover, the door pocket is typically in contact with the ground, and there may be a seam present after installation. Applying glass glue or using stainless steel sheets or stone as a barrier can effectively prevent moisture from damaging the door pocket in the long term.

To conclude, the selection and installation of bathroom doors in home decoration merit careful consideration. By assessing factors such as moisture-proof performance, door material, door pocket durability, and moisture-proof treatments, homeowners can make informed decisions to ensure the longevity and functionality of their bathroom doors.

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