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Steel door project case of Fu Li Tao Yuan in Guangzhou, China

1.Basic information of project:

Time: 2015

Location: China Huanshi Xixi Zeng Road

Type: Plaza,Office Building and High-rise residential building.

Project name:Steel door project case of Fu Li Tao Yuan in Guangzhou, China

Project Address: Huanshi Xixi Zeng Road Guuangzhou, Guangdong, China

Project introduction:

Fu Li Tao Yuan covers an area of 333,000 square meters, is a 2.67 ultra-low density community, with more than 100,000 square meters of green area and a full range of living, entertainment and leisure facilities. In terms of education, R&F Taoyuan has pioneered the first key education base in the West District, with two supporting kindergartens covering an area of 6,000 square meters, a primary school covering an area of 13,000 square meters, and a middle school covering an area of 12,000 square meters. In terms of transportation, R&F Taoyuan has invested heavily in the construction of Taoyuan Bridge and High Bridge, which are connected with Dongfeng West Road, Nan'an Road and Huanshi West Road, forming a three-dimensional transportation network that extends in all directions and crisscrosses the road.

Steel door project case of Fu Li Tao Yuan in Guangzhou, China 1

2.Project Challenge and solution:

The project required the production of 2890 steel doors in 2 months, and the delivery time was urgent. In order to complete the delivery on time, we added 10 steel door production lines to increase production capacity. At the same time, we adjust the working hours of our employees and increase production time by working overtime. In addition, we maintain close communication and collaboration with various functional departments such as production, purchasing, and sales to ensure the smooth flow of each link to improve work efficiency. We also refer to the production mode and experience of advanced enterprises to learn their efficient production and supply chain management methods. In the end, we complete the production and delivery within the time required by the customer under the premise of ensuring quality.

3. Product characteristics and quality:The conventional materials of steel doors are cold-rolled steel, galvanized steel and zinc alloy. Cold-rolled steel is a high-quality steel with high strength, hardness, and corrosion resistance. Its surface finish is high and flatness. Galvanized steel is a kind of steel with excellent corrosion resistance, and its surface is covered with a layer of zinc, which can effectively prevent oxidation and corrosion, and is suitable for occasions with harsh use environment. Galvanized steel also has high strength and toughness, which can make strong and durable steel doors. Zinc alloy is a low-alloy high-strength steel with good processing performance and corrosion resistance. Zinc alloy is widely used in steel door production, which can meet different design needs and use requirements. The advantages of zinc alloy are good toughness, high tensile strength, shear strength and corrosion resistance, suitable for making high-grade steel doors.

 4.The installation steps of steel doors are generally as follows:

(1) Prepare tools and materials: electric drill, electric hammer, screwdriver, expansion screw, wooden flute, adhesive, etc.

(2) Measure the size of the steel door and door frame, put the door frame in the door opening, adjust the horizontality of the door frame, and fix the door frame on the wall with expansion screws.

(3) Put the steel door on the door frame, check the fit between the door leaf and the door frame, drill according to the reserved screw hole on the door leaf, and fix the door leaf and the door frame with screws.

(4) Install door frame latches, hook buckles and door locks, the hardware on the door includes door locks, hinges, door suctions, door clamps, etc., and the installation should be carried out according to the operating instructions provided by the manufacturer.

(5) Install the lower seal of the door leaf and the upper top strip of the door frame, paste the seal and the top strip with adhesive, and insert the lower seal of the door leaf into the lower groove of the door frame to make it fit closely with the door frame.


(6) Install the door handle and door guard plate of the door leaf, the door guard plate is generally designed to prevent the steel plate on both sides of the door leaf from touching the door frame or wall.


5.  Then the picture after installation is as follows:

Steel door project case of Fu Li Tao Yuan in Guangzhou, China 2

Steel door project case of Fu Li Tao Yuan in Guangzhou, China 3

Steel door project case of Fu Li Tao Yuan in Guangzhou, China 4

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