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Decoration Teacher Fu Summed Up the Key Points of Wooden Door Purchase, Sentence by Sentence Truth, Are You still Afraid to Spend Wronged Money?

The door holds immense importance within a house, serving as a crucial element to ensure privacy and security. Furthermore, as a part of home decoration, the aesthetics of the door is a significant concern for many individuals. Decoration teacher Fu has summarized key points for purchasing wooden doors, providing insights to avoid any potential financial losses. Let's delve deeper into this topic and gain valuable knowledge along with Xiaobian.

When it comes to wooden doors, there are various types available in the market. Let's begin by discussing the first type, which is the compound door. Solid wood composite doors typically consist of a door core bonded with pine, fir, or imported filling materials. These doors are made by adhering density board and solid wood veneer together through high-temperature hot pressing. Additionally, they are sealed with solid wood lines. For high-grade solid wood composite doors, the door core is usually made of high-quality white pine, while the surface is adorned with solid wood veneer.

White pine is preferred due to its small density and light weight, making it easier to control the moisture content. Ultimately, this ensures that the finished door remains resistant to deformation and cracking. Solid wood composite doors possess additional advantages such as thermal insulation, impact resistance, flame retardancy, and sound insulation comparable to that of solid wood doors.

Decoration Teacher Fu Summed Up the Key Points of Wooden Door Purchase, Sentence by Sentence Truth, Are You still Afraid to Spend Wronged Money? 1

The facing materials used for modern wooden doors commonly include veneers and stickers. Wooden doors with veneers are relatively expensive due to their rich natural texture, exceptional beauty, and strong impact resistance. On the other hand, sticker wooden doors, also known as "grain wooden doors," are popular due to their lower price point. However, they are more susceptible to damage and are less water-resistant compared to other types.

Solid wood doors, the second type, are constructed using natural logs from forests as the door core. These logs undergo a series of scientific processes such as drying, blanking, planing, tenoning, drilling, and high-speed milling to create the final product. Solid wood doors exhibit the raw, authentic beauty of natural wood, making them a timeless choice for homeowners.

Lastly, we have the all-wood door. This type of door uses natural log wood as the door core, with the balance layer being made of plywood instead of MDF (medium-density fiberboard). This innovative technology combines the natural characteristics and environmental friendliness of logs, addressing the technological instability sometimes associated with using logs. Consequently, all-wood doors offer a wider range of diverse and delicate shapes, catering to various design preferences.

To sum up, understanding the types of wooden doors available in the market is essential for making an informed purchase decision. Whether you opt for a solid wood composite door, a solid wood door, or an all-wood door, each type has its unique benefits and considerations. By considering aesthetics, durability, environmental impact, and budget constraints, you can confidently find the perfect wooden door that meets both your functional and decorative needs. Embrace your journey of door selection, and make a choice that brings beauty and security to your home.

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