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How About White Open Lacquer Wooden Door? What Is the Identification Method of Wooden Door

Expanding on the topic "Each door uses different paint, such as white open lacquer wood door," let's discuss the identification method of white open lacquer wood doors in more detail.

Wooden doors have always been a popular choice among consumers due to their timeless elegance and versatility. However, with numerous options available in the market, it is important to determine the style and quality of the wooden door before making a purchase. In recent times, there has been an increasing interest in white open lacquer wood doors. So, what exactly is the identification method for such doors? Let's delve deeper into this topic.

White open lacquer wood doors utilize a specific painting technique known as open paint. This technique can be further divided into two categories: full open and semi-open. Also referred to as washing white, open paint aims to preserve the natural wood grain and enhance the overall texture of the door. If the paint covers the pores completely, it signifies a regular sealing process. However, in the case of open paint, the wood pores are left visible, resulting in a more textured appearance. This technique has gained popularity in European high-end furniture in recent years.

How About White Open Lacquer Wooden Door? What Is the Identification Method of Wooden Door 1

Now let's move on to the identification method for wooden doors in general:

1. Listening: When selecting a solid wood door, pay attention to the thickness of the door and tap the surface with your hand. If the sound produced is uniform and dull, it indicates a good quality door. Additionally, the weight of the door can also serve as an indicator of its quality. Generally, the higher the proportion of solid wood in the door, the heavier it will be. If the door is made of pure solid wood, the surface pattern will usually be irregular.

2. Paint: The quality of the paint used on a wooden door plays a significant role in its overall appearance and durability. The type of paint used can be classified into various categories, including phenolic paint, alkyd paint, polyurethane paint, nitro paint, polyester paint, and PU paint. Phenolic and alkyd paints are generally not recommended due to their poor film texture and adhesion. Nitro paint, polyester paint, and PU paint are commonly used in high-grade furniture. Nitro paint, although easy to apply manually, has a thin film and may not provide the desired effect. Polyester and PU paints involve a more complex process and are preferred for their texture, feel, moisture-proofing, environmental protection, durability, and resistance to yellowing.

Considering the cost, processing means, and equipment involved, the market primarily offers wooden doors with polyester paint, while a few manufacturers opt for PU paint. Typically, polyester paint and PU paint undergo several processes, including color finding, three layers for the bottom, two side coatings, and sometimes curing and waxing processes. Therefore, when choosing wooden doors, it is crucial to consider the type of paint used as it directly affects various factors such as texture, feel, moisture-proofing, environmental protection, durability, and resistance to yellowing.

In conclusion, understanding the identification method for white open lacquer wood doors, as well as general wooden doors, is essential for making an informed decision while purchasing. By considering factors such as the technique used, sound produced, weight, and the type and quality of paint, consumers can ensure they invest in high-quality doors that meet their aesthetic and functional requirements.

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