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How to Choose Wooden Doors? Wooden Door Classification?

Nowadays, there are various types of decorations available in the market. One common aspect of any home decoration is the choice of doors. While some people prefer stainless steel doors, others opt for wooden doors. However, with the wide range of wooden doors available, it can be overwhelming to choose the most suitable one. In this article, we will discuss how to choose wooden doors by exploring the different classifications and factors to consider.

1. Material Consistency: The door material should be consistent with the overall decoration style of your home. In most cases, wooden doors in the market are made of pine or imported filling materials as the core framework. They are then coated with medium-density boards and solid wood veneer through a high-temperature hot pressing process. This type of door is commonly known as a "solid wood composite door."

2. Durability and Deformation: To ensure the longevity and prevent deformation, it is crucial to select wooden doors made from solid wood keel materials that have been properly dried. The internal filler structure should be designed in a way that offsets mechanical stress, ensuring that the door remains within the specified deformation limits. Quality wooden doors should be formed through a hot-pressing process, with solid wood edge sealing and proper sanding to achieve flatness, firmness, and overall aesthetics.

How to Choose Wooden Doors? Wooden Door Classification? 1

3. Artificial Wooden Doors: When choosing an artificial wooden door, consider factors such as finish, shape, and paint color. Additionally, check for relevant certificates and the presence of any toxic substances in the door. Verify if the materials used are indeed solid wood. Finally, assess the workmanship quality by examining if the door size is regular and fits perfectly.

If your home has a traditional Chinese style, you can opt for checkered wooden doors or affordable flat doors with plywood parquet designs. These doors typically have a flat surface, shallow bottom, and deep patterns, providing a decorative effect. Some families may choose to have the door frame and pocket made by the decoration team while outsourcing the Chinese carving on the upper half to a specialized manufacturer. However, outsourcing may increase the overall cost.

Wooden doors can be classified based on various factors:

1. Wood Door Surface Material: There are numerous options available, including walnut, cherry, sabili, mahogany, maple, teak, ebony, pear, crape myrtle, zebra, oak, catalpa, Manchurian ash, iron peach, and more.

2. Wooden Door Function: Doors can be categorized based on their purpose, such as household doors, bedroom doors, study doors, kitchen doors, bathroom doors, apartment hotel room doors, bathroom doors, corridor doors, etc.

3. Opening Mode: Wooden doors can be either sliding rail doors or hinge doors. Sliding rail doors can be opened by pushing and pulling horizontally without taking up space and are commonly used for kitchen, toilet, and balcony doors. Hinge doors, on the other hand, require turning to open and are mainly used for household doors and bedroom doors.

4. Wood Door Surface Treatment: Doors can be categorized as white stubble doors or paint doors. White stubble doors are not initially painted and require manual painting, while paint doors have already been painted at the factory and are ready for installation.

5. Door Form: Wooden doors can be classified based on their form, such as flat doors or T-shaped doors. Flat doors have a flat edge, and a small gap is maintained between the door and the door frame due to the lock mechanism. T-shaped doors, inspired by European designs, have a T-shaped edge that fits into the door pocket and are equipped with a sealant strip for improved sealing, sound insulation, and an overall appealing appearance.

6. Wooden Door Type and Process: Doors can be categorized as all-glass doors, glass doorplate doors, core plate doors, or panel doors. All-glass doors provide transparency, while glass doorplate doors have a partial glass surface. Core plate doors have a solid panel and are commonly used for doors and bedroom doors. Panel doors do not have any perspective light transmission points and are suitable for carving concave and convex lines, offering a beautiful and elegant appearance.

To summarize, choosing a wooden door for your home requires consideration of various factors. By ensuring material consistency, durability, proper finishing, and considering the various classifications available, you can select a suitable wooden door that fits your overall home decoration style and personal preferences.

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