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Expanding on the topic of installing marble door pockets at home, it has become a popular trend in modern home decoration, just like the installation of skirting lines, flooring, and ceilings. Installing door pockets not only adds aesthetic value to the home but also offers practical benefits.

When installing marble door pockets, there are certain requirements that need to be followed to ensure a proper installation. Firstly, the type, size, performance, and grade of the stone used for the wall should comply with national standards. This ensures the quality and durability of the door pockets. The color, facade, compartment, pattern, and pattern of the marble should also meet the design requirements, adding to the overall aesthetics of the home. It is important to ensure that there are no cracks, missing edges, or angle collapses in the stone.

The process of installing the marble door pockets should adhere to national regulations for wall dry hanging. The stone surface and joints should also meet the design requirements. Additionally, the stone surface should undergo alkali protection and waterproof treatment to ensure its longevity and resistance to damage. Following these installation requirements will ensure a successful and long-lasting installation of marble door pockets.

More and More People Don't Install Wooden Door Covers. It's Popular now. It's OK to Use It for 50 Years! 1

When it comes to fixing marble door pockets, it is not recommended to use marble glue for pasting as marble belongs to stone. Instead, AB glue, which is a bonding agent for materials, is commonly used for fixing marble door covers. For larger door pockets, AB glue is used for fixation first before dry hanging. For smaller door pockets, AB glue is applied before hanging. This method ensures the durability and prevents cracking or deformation for up to 30 years.

The installation process of marble door pockets involves several steps. Firstly, the selection of stone materials is crucial. The color of the stone should be classified, and the stone materials should be installed on the same side to ensure consistency. The wall base needs to be cleaned, and the base support should be installed, making sure the structure is square and lines are accurately placed. The bottom bracket is then installed, and the support brackets are firmly connected. The door pocket is fixed using angle steel, steel plates, stainless steel bolts, and screw wrenches. The marble decorative board is installed, and the surface is finely tuned to ensure an even and vertical installation. The top decorative plate is also installed, and any gaps are filled to prevent grouting leakage. Following these installation steps will result in a successful and visually appealing marble door pocket installation.

During the installation process, there are certain considerations to keep in mind. The size and grade of the marble door pocket should meet national standards to ensure quality. Cracking, missing edges, and collapses are not allowed, as they can affect both the aesthetics and functionality of the door pocket. It is also essential to employ a professional installer for the dry hanging process. The surface of the marble door pocket should undergo alkali protection and waterproof treatment to protect it from damage.

As for the cost of marble door pockets per meter, it can vary depending on factors such as material and labor costs. The material cost depends on the width, thickness, and material consumption of the lines. The labor cost is determined by the quantity and processing technology requirements. On average, the labor cost ranges from 15-30 yuan per meter. The dimensions of the door pocket line are typically available in three sizes: 10 cm, 12 cm, and 15 cm. For elevator door pockets, the standard dimensions are 2200mm in height, 900mm in width, and 300mm in side width. By calculating the material and processing costs, an estimated unit price per meter can be determined.

In conclusion, installing marble door pockets has become a popular trend in home decoration. Following the installation requirements, using appropriate glue for fixation, and paying attention to important considerations will result in a successful and long-lasting installation. The cost of marble door pockets per meter can vary depending on material and labor costs. By understanding the process and cost factors involved, homeowners can make informed decisions when opting for marble door pockets in their homes.

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