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What Are the Precautions for Wooden Door Installation?

The door is indeed a crucial element when it comes to determining the quality of a house. Whether one is entering or leaving, the door serves as a necessary passage accessible to every member of the family. Therefore, the condition of the door directly impacts the overall impression of the house and the experience of those living within it. It is not uncommon to encounter issues in our daily lives that arise from problems with the door, causing injuries or making it difficult to leave the house. Furthermore, with the rise in popularity of wooden doors, there has been an added problem of expansion, making it challenging to close the door properly. In this article, we will explore potential solutions to the issue of wooden door expansion and highlight essential considerations when installing such doors.

1. Solution for Wooden Door Expansion:

It is widely known that wooden doors have the tendency to expand with heat and contract with cold. In humid environments, wooden doors are particularly susceptible to swelling, leading to deformities that prevent proper closure. In such cases, simply changing the hinge or door pocket will not resolve the issue. Instead, it is advisable, if feasible, to replace the wooden door with one that is waterproof and moisture-resistant. This will significantly diminish the likelihood of expansion-related problems.

What Are the Precautions for Wooden Door Installation? 1

Moisture is another factor that affects wooden doors. If the wall is impacted by moisture, it can subsequently affect the wooden door, leading to swelling. To address this, it is necessary to understand the specific cause. If only the wooden door is affected, proper ventilation is crucial. Additionally, replacing it with a waterproof and moisture-resistant alternative or trimming deformed parts can ensure a tight seal. However, if the water supply line is damaged, it must be repaired to prevent future issues.

2. Precautions for Wooden Door Installation:

Installation plays a vital role in the longevity and functionality of wooden doors. Here are some essential precautions to consider:

a) Before installation, the door opening must receive appropriate moisture-proof and anti-corrosion treatment. Non-corrosive and non-melting waterproof materials should be used to cover the wooden door during wall painting. This prevents any abnormal impact or contact with corrosive substances.

b) After installation, avoid hanging objects in the middle of the door leaf and prevent sharp objects from scratching or damaging it. Opening or closing the door should be done with care, ensuring that excessive force or wide angles are avoided to prevent damage.

c) Maintain the indoor air relative humidity between 60% - 75% when using wooden door products. Adequate indoor ventilation is crucial, especially in spring and winter, to maintain normal room temperature and humidity. This prevents excessive wet temperature differences that can lead to deformation, corrosion, rusting of metal accessories, and detachment of edge sealing and finishing materials. When using heating equipment in winter, ensure proper distance from wood products to avoid thermal deformation or surface damage.

d) Timely tightening of frequently moving parts such as hinges and locks is essential to prevent loosening. Lubrication with oil should be performed promptly if any sound is heard from the hinge position. If the lock becomes difficult to open, applying a small amount of pencil lead foam to the keyhole can help resolve the issue. However, avoid injecting lubricating oil randomly.

In conclusion, the importance of doors in a household cannot be overstated. They serve not only a practical purpose but also leave a lasting impression. Since ancient times, we have recognized the significance of doors. It is crucial to take door-related matters seriously. By addressing the problem of wooden door expansion and adhering to essential installation precautions, we can ensure an optimal experience within our homes.

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