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Wooden Door Installation Must See Four Aspects

The wooden door serves as the main facade of a house's decoration. It is crucial to ensure the proper installation and acceptance of the wooden door to guarantee both its aesthetics and quality during the construction process. In this article, we will further expand on the knowledge of wooden door installation, the sequence of installation, installation skills, and the supervision and acceptance process.

1. Knowledge of wooden door installation:

- The installation method of a reserved opening should be followed, and the method of laying the opening while installing is strictly prohibited.

Wooden Door Installation Must See Four Aspects 1

- After the floor works are completed, such as floor tiles and stones, the wooden door installation can only proceed after the wall putty is scraped and polished. Any holes for wall tiles and stones must be placed on the side of the hole.

- The humidity of the wall at the installation opening should be 25%, and a moisture-proof isolation layer should be created on the installation wall.

- The installation site should be clean and free of clutter or cross operation.

- Various installation tools are required, including an electric hammer, woodworking hammer, plane, flat file, fine-tooth saw (hacksaw), screwdriver, angle ruler, tape measure, plumb bob, level ruler, electric drill, hole opener, stamp, and drill bits of corresponding specifications.

- Installation materials include an iron sheet connector, 60 iron nails, 25 and 20 self-tapping screws, 502 glue, towel or cotton yarn, wood shavings, small wooden strips, pig hair brush, styrofoam, milk white glue, door lock, hinge, door suction, and wall moisture insulation materials.

2. Installation sequence of wooden door:

- Begin by assembling the door pocket. Identify the door pocket and vertical plate, align the joint according to the back number, ensuring that the mining opening is on the same plane, and applying glue at the interface.

- Install the door pocket by placing the assembled door pocket into the door opening as a whole. Roughly fix the periphery of the door pocket with a small wooden strip. Make sure both sides of the door pocket are on the same plane as the wall. Check the perpendicularity of the door pocket to the ground, the right angles of the top plate of the door pocket to the two vertical plates, and whether the vertical plate of the door pocket is bent. Use iron sheet connectors to secure the door pocket to the wall.

- Proceed with installing the door leaf. Begin by opening the hinge slot, ensuring that the distance between the hinge slot and both ends of the door leaf is 1/10 of the height of the door leaf.

- Install the door lock and check the flexibility of the door leaf and door lock switch. Ensure that the seams meet the specifications.

- Install the door pocket line. Cut the door pocket line with a right-angle edge into 45 degrees, trim it with a woodworking plane, insert the right-angle edge into the door pocket slot, and attach the door pocket line to the door pocket board with floor glue.

- Finally, install the door suction at the corresponding position.

3. Wooden door installation skills:

- Before installation, check that all components of the wooden door are complete and the sizes of each component are correct. Ensure that the assigned positions for each set of doors are consistent with the door opening ruler.

- Avoid leaning the goods against each other and place them horizontally on the ground.

- Unpainted wooden doors should be painted within five days to provide protection.

- Prevent prolonged exposure to outdoor sunlight to prevent the wooden door from warping or experiencing heat damage.

- Maintain indoor air circulation to prevent the wooden door from frequently being exposed to excessive moisture.

- Avoid abnormal impact on the wooden door and refrain from using excessive force when closing it.

- Do not nail or hang heavy objects on the door, as it may cause damage.

- If installing a corner wall or T-wall door opening, create a "false wall" on the side without a door stack, with a width of no less than 50mm. The width of the "false wall" should be determined according to the width of the line. Failure to do so may result in asymmetric door edge lines on both sides.

- The reserved size of the door opening for different types of doors should follow specific guidelines. For example, for single leaf swing doors, child and parent doors, and double leaf opposite doors, the door opening height should be the door leaf height plus 40mm, and the door opening width should be the door leaf width plus 65mm.

4. Supervision and acceptance of wooden door installation:

- Ensure that the stope is consistent without any dislocation.

- Check the flexibility of the door leaf and door lock, ensuring ease of opening and closing.

- Confirm that the left and right gaps of the door leaf are consistent.

- Verify that the vertical plate of the door pocket is perpendicular to the ground without any bending.

- Ensure that the door pocket line is flush with the wall surface.

- Inspect the decorative surface for any damage.

- Clean the whole set of solid wood doors after installation, and provide instructions to the users on how to properly accept them.

In conclusion, the proper installation and acceptance of wooden doors are crucial for both the aesthetics and quality of the house. By following the knowledge, sequence, and skills mentioned above, homeowners can effectively guarantee the successful installation of wooden doors during the construction process. Additionally, close supervision and thorough acceptance procedures are essential to ensure the satisfaction of the users.

If you want to install a wooden door, there are four key aspects you must consider: measurements, hardware, finishing, and installation process. Each of these plays a crucial role in ensuring the door fits and functions correctly.

When it comes to fire door manufacturers, there are several common questions that people tend to ask. Some of these include inquiries about the manufacturing process, certifications, warranties, and customization options. It's essential to find a reputable manufacturer that can address all of these concerns.

In conclusion, when it comes to wooden door installation, there are four key aspects to consider: proper measurements, quality materials, skilled installation, and regular maintenance. By addressing these aspects, you can ensure a smooth and long-lasting door installation that adds value and style to your home.

In conclusion, when it comes to wooden door installation, it is crucial to consider four key aspects: proper measurements, level alignment, quality hardware, and professional expertise. By paying attention to these factors, you can ensure a successful and long-lasting installation for your wooden doors.

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