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Different places should choose different fire doors

Different locations of the building need different fire resistance limit fire doors, fire doors need to be different on different occasions:

1, in the fire wall should not open doors and Windows, such as must be opened, should set fire limit of not less than 1.5h class A fire doors and Windows.

2, for the fixed fire extinguishing equipment room, ventilation, air conditioning room, etc. attached in high-rise civil buildings, should be separated from other parts by the wall not less than the stipulated fire resistance limit, the door of the partition wall should be used for fire resistance limit of 1. 5h class A fire door (for non-high-rise buildings for 1.0H class B fire door.

3, the basement, half of the "room stairs asked when the fire wall hole, should use the fire limit of 1. 5h class A fire door.

4, fuel oil, gas boilers, oil-oil-immersed power transformers, high-voltage capacitors filled with fuel oil and multi-oil switches are located in high-rise civil buildings or skirts. Its partition wall must open the door should be set class A fire door.

5. The oil storage room of the diesel generator room located in the high-rise civil building or podium should be separated by firewalls and generators; When it is necessary to open the door from the fire wall, a class A fire door that can close by itself should be installed.

6, fire elevator shaft, the partition between the machine room and the adjacent elevator shaft machine room should be a class A fire door.

7, smoke prevention stairwell and door leading to the front room, high-rise civil buildings closed shuttle ladder door, fire elevator front room door should be grade B fire door, and should be opened to the direction of evacuation.

8, high-rise civil buildings in water and electricity pipeline well inspection door should be class C fire door.

Different places should choose different fire doors 1

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