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How to design the kitchen door?

For most room types, the distance between the dining room and the kitchen is relatively close. It is extremely important to have a good partition in order to prevent the smell of oil smoke from running around. The setting of the kitchen door has become a popular nowadays. So how to design the kitchen door?

1. Choose the glass door

Generally speaking, installing a door between two areas is mainly for the benefit of partition, and in order not to make the room smaller and obstruct people's sight, glass door is a very good choice, it has the function of transparent extension, and also looks more comfortable.

2. Select the sliding type

As we all know, most of the door placement methods are divided into two types: sliding and switching. Generally speaking, the kitchen will use the sliding type, which is not only more convenient to use, but also has more families living in small homes, which can effectively save money. space.

Third, pay attention to lighting

As a place where we cook food, its decoration is mainly clean and tidy, and good lighting can effectively highlight the interior design of the kitchen and create a vague visual effect.

How to design the kitchen door? 1

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