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What is the difference between a painted door and a paint-free door?

Baking paint, that is, the paint door panel that is heated and dried in the drying re finish, easy scrubbing, good moisture-proof and fire-proof performance. Painted doors moom after being sprayed. Its advantages are bright color, strong visual impact, good surfacostly use MDF as the base material, and the back is melamine. The process is complicated, the processing cycle is long, and the price is relatively high. There are two types of high-end PU paint doors: piano paint and metal (automobile) paint. Metal paint is better than piano paint.

Paint-free doors, as the name suggests, are not painted paints, that is, put high-density boards on the inner and outer layers of the support, and paste PVC on the outside of the board, or other materials.

I feel that this kind of door is not durable. It seems that the layer of mold is not durable. The waterproof effect is poor and it is easy to fall off or rot after a few years. The gloss is poor. , the price is relatively high and the difference is more than 1000. Personally, I feel that it is much better than the paint-free door, and the gloss is also good. It can be seen from the market price. The painted door is more durable, because the surface is painted to touch moisture-proof and wear-resistant. What kind of door should be used depends on the consumption level of the owner. I think a major part of decoration is the door, and the grade of the door can best reflect the level of the overall decoration grade. Paint-free is outdated and not as practical as polymer. Decoration pollution is mainly from plywood and the stupid formaldehyde aromatic hydrocarbons released in the paint, which are more or less polluted. After buying it, it will be OK to keep it for a few days and pay attention to ventilation, and it will not have a big impact. Painted doors are relatively environmentally friendly.

What is the difference between a painted door and a paint-free door? 1

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